Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Boom: CBS tears into White House over Benghazi-gate

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Boom: CBS tears into White House over Benghazigate: Twitchy
Obama's Progressive Vision: A World Without Political Opposition: Reason
'More Flexibility': Obama to Govern by Executive Fiat in 2nd Term: Fitton

To John Dickerson: Here's Why We Hate You: HayRide
He's not a liberal. He's a communist.: Nice Deb
Reid: Nuclear option if no filibuster deal in 36 hours: Hill

Top Obama Aide: U.S. System Not Worthy of Obama: Dossier
Joe Biden already gearing up for 2016: Malkin
Sen. Dick Durbin (IL): 10 Rounds 'Generous': Trailers


Obama vows to give every American the chance to pay more taxes: IBD
Not a 'nation of takers,' Mr. President? Check the numbers: AEI
First Term: 8,332,000 Americans Dropped Out of Labor Force: CNS

Obama: Obamacare didn’t do anything for rising health care costs: Hot Air
Obama Promises To Fix Inequality After Making It Worse: IBD
Inaugural lunch: glaring nutritional hypocrisy: CDN

Scandal Central

Executive Orders On Guns But Executive Privilege On F&F: IBD
Claim: New Obama Litmus Test For Military Leaders: Willing to Fire On US Citizens: Nice Deb
Second time this month: Reality TV star, Obama gun-ban critic raided by heavily-armed fed contingent: Owens


Unbiased? 18 of 20 Top Newspapers Push Gun Control in Editorials: NB
The Progressive Mind: BlackFork
William F. Buckley Meets Saul Alinsky: NRO

CBS's Attkisson: Obama Admin. Has Stonewalled on Benghazi Since October: NB
The New Cultists: GWP
Fake Singing, Real Tyranny: RSM

Bullies: Interviewing Ben Shapiro and the Leftists' Culture of Fear and Intimidation: Hawkins
Creepiest Ad of the Year?: First Things
What Phil Mickelson Should Have Said: WolfFiles


Hagel should not be confirmed: AEI (Pletka)
Brits Ban Guns at America’s Largest Gun Show: RS
U.S. gift of F-16 fighters headed to Egypt, despite Morsi's harsh rhetoric: Fox

Sci-Tech (courtesy

You've Got 25 Years Until UNIX Time Overflows: Slashdot
AT&T Faces Backlash Over U-verse Outage: LightReading
How Social Media Could Land You Your Next Job: Mashable


Looking Back on MLK Day: 5 Martin Luther King, Jr. Picture Quotes: RWN
Erick Erickson Makes A Good Point … Also Concerning My Recent Absence: Riehl
Four MO Years: MOTUS

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QOTD: "Anyway you look at it [the Inauguration], it was historic.

And if you don’t believe me, just ask Chrissy Matthews who thought it so historic he called it Big Guy’s “Gettysburg” Address.

Others who shall remain known only to me said it sounded more Petty-burg or Vendetti-burg than Gettysburg. I don’t see how phrases like “My fellow Americans, we are made for this moment, and we will seize it -- so long as we seize it together,” sound very Lincoln-esque, butt what do I know?" --MOTUS

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