Thursday, January 17, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Sheriff Won’t Enforce Un-Constitutional Gun Laws

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Sheriff Won’t Enforce Un-Constitutional Gun Laws: Cove
Feehery: Achtung! Vernichtung der Patrioten: Kuznicki
Shock the System: Owens

How to crush the Democrats' dumbest gun control arguments: WolfFiles
A Time to Kill: NC Renegade
OR sheriff to Biden: we won’t enforce unconstitutional gun laws: WaPo

The War Between the Amendments: Hanson
Guns Don’t Kill People, The Mentally Ill Do: Coulter
Okay, Now It's Fascism: WyBlog


California: ‘This is What a Blue Death Spiral Looks Like’: Driscoll
It’s Not The GOP’s Fault It Is Useless But It Is Useless: Ace
The Trillion Dollar Trick: Schiff

Scandal Central

ATTN Gun Owners: McConnell, Reid Cutting Deal on the Filibuster: RS
WH Ordered ICE to Ignore Sen. Menendez' Sex-Criminal Intern: Ace
Gohmert: F&F shows gun control should start with administration: Hill

Climate & Energy

China's record-level air pollution, as seen from space: Verge


Petition for Repeal of NY Gun Ban Gets 40,000 Signatures In One Day: MenRec
‘Used Up, Thrown Away’: Obama Campaign Staffers Receiving Shabby Post-Election Treatment: BizzyBlog
Schiff: Congress Can't Fix The Post Office, How Will They The Fix Deficit?: CNBC

Bob Schieffer Goes on Schorr Patrol for CBS: Driscoll
Mark Levin blasts Bob Schieffer as a ‘Potemkin journalist’: Scoop
Mark Levin to Cavuto: There’s no connection between reality and what Obama is proposing: Scoop

60% of Young Americans Plan to Own Firearms: Nice Deb
Map of 10 Vulnerable Democrat Seats for 2014: Sooper
How President Obama’s executive orders on guns might doom a big bill: WaPo


Cables Show State Department Disregarded Muslim Brotherhood Threat: IPT
500 Muslim Youth Attack And Destroy Christian Center in Egypt: Sooper
Report: Chemical Weapons Used in Syria: Driscoll

Sci-Tech (courtesy

New Java exploit sells for $5000 on black web; possible threat to millions of PCs: PC World
Cisco investigates claim of Linksys router remote root vulnerability giving attackers full access: NextWeb
Google's Nexus 7 outsells Apple's iPad in Japan over holidays: Insider


Balloon Boy’s Dad, “I Fully Support Obama Exploiting Children To Further His Agenda”: SHN
Oh, yeah - we're packin': MOTUS
13-year-old boy swipes dad's Mercedes, drives across Europe: AutoBlog

Image: Conservatoons
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Petition for Repeal of NY Gun Ban Gets 40,000 Signatures In One Day

QOTD: "Of course prosecuting Mr. Gregory would have been sad and — on many levels — absurd, but so is the law under which he would have been prosecuted. In fact, if absurdity were a defense to prosecutions or other adverse legal actions, an enormous swathe of our regulatory state would be swept away. Can we even speak of the rule of law as a meaningful concept when we combine an explosive regulatory state with near-absolute prosecutorial discretion?" --David French


Barry Popik said...

We have a tie for today's top negative link, also called "The Worst Link in the World." Both go again to Business Insider and are follow-ups to previous worsts.

1. There's Growing Talk That The Debt Ceiling Is No Longer The Biggest Threat To The US Economy ...

This is written by Joe Weisenthal, further cementing the reputation as the worst liberal hack in the business.

One comment will suffice:

"The only way I see you still having a job at BI is if you are the spoiled son of the owner or you are black mailing (or are the boy toy of) your boss. If it is not some nonsense economical post it is pictures of Hussein Obama that makes me throw up. That is your tool box. Not one article that is either not 100% biased or not 99% nonsense. Amazing."

2. CALIFORNIA: Home To 8 Of The 10 Hottest Up-And-Coming Neighborhoods In America

Author Rob Wile once again promotes "California is back!"--just as in his dishonorable post of earlier this week.

For another take on California, see Gizmodo: "Stupid California Cost Itself $600 Million Over Stupid Facebook IPO".

For saying that the deficit is not a problem and that blue state California is back into solvency, two Business Insider articles tie for The Worst Link in the World.

directorblue said...

Barry, any post by Tommy Cristopher at Mediaite or the loathsome Joe "Trotsky" Weisenthal could easily qualify for negative link o' the day!