Saturday, January 05, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Libya Blowback-US Missiles intercepted on way to Hamas

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Libya Blowback: US Missiles intercepted on way to Hamas: Tatler
Years after 9/11 U.S. Still Fails to Regulate Foreign Student Visas: JW
50 Impeachable Crimes in the First Four Years: CFP

Levin on the Reason for the Second Amendment: Scoop
Here's what your smaller paychecks get you, America!: Sarah
Barney Frank: I want to be senator: Politico


Americans cringe at first paychecks of 2013: Twitchy
Americans Still Fleeing High-Tax, Forced-Unionism States: RS
GM may face $918MM loss due to suit stemming from bankruptcy: AutoBlog

Obamacare “High Medical Bills Tax” to hit 10M Middle Class Families: ATR
First Paycheck of '13: Schadenfreude Is A Poor Substitute For Cash: Ace
Unemployment Rises for Women, African-Americans: CNS

Congress Avoids the Cliff by Selling Us Down the River: Schiff
Analysis: Anyone Acknowledging Our Debt Crisis Is a "Lunatic": Ace
Dismal December jobs report shows another lost year for US workers: Peth

Scandal Central

Will the Senate Minority Be Silenced?: Foundry
Sandy Victim: Obama is a ‘Straight Out Liar’: Corner
The 10 Gun Bills Introduced on Day One of the New Congress: PJM

Climate & Energy

Greens Now Betray the Wild Fish: RWN


Inmates Using NY Paper’s Gun Article to Intimidate Guards: Liberty News
Former Crooks Call Journal News List Of Gun Owners ‘Gold Mine’, Stalkings Begin: LoneCon
Snort: Helpful Photoshoppers doctor pics for fake-but-accurate Nancy Pelosi: Twitchy

REPRISED: I Want My Al-TV, part 2: Money for Nothing: MOTUS
Islamist Group Tries to Kill Use of "Islamist": IPT
America Asks “Why Is My Paycheck Less This Week?” and the Sooper Answers!: Sooper


Know Your Enemy: GoV
US Sends Egypt 20 F-16 Warplanes: Cutting Edge
Russian Navy to Get Over 50 New Warships by 2016:

Egyptian Lawyers: Muslim Brotherhood Took BILLIONS From Obama: GWP
Al-Jazeera's "Alternative Viewpoint" in Qatar's Paradise: Gatestone
Joe Arpaio Upset That a "Coyote" Brought Her 3-Year-Old Along for Smuggling Trip: Phoenix New Times

Sci-Tech (courtesy

What Facebook Gives the Police: ThePhoenix
Confessions of a Traffic Cop: PopMech
2012's U.S. Car Sales Visualized As A Game Of Thrones-style Atlas: Jalopnik


Hey, Maybe Being Fat Is Good For You: Ace
Oregon Teen Popped For Facebook Status: “Drivin’ Drunk Classic :) Sorry For Hitting That Vehicle”: Bossip
Welcome To Ameritopia. Thanks Obama: Conservative 50 Plus

Image: Barney Frank Wants to Be a Senator
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QOTD: "While the threat of falling off the fiscal cliff didn’t deter the American workforce from growing by 155,000 jobs last month, the outlook continues to remain rather bleak for younger Americans still struggling to find employment.

A new report by the nonpartisan organization Generation Opportunity found that the unemployment rate among Millennials – Americans aged 11-29 years – has increased to 11.5 percent, up 0.6 percent from last month. Among African-American Millennials, the rate jumps to a staggering 22.1 percent." --Red Alert

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