Tuesday, January 08, 2013

PRESIDENT OBAMA REALLY IS MAKING THE COUNTRY SAFER: Gun sales hit a 14-year high last month

Because, as everyone who has read the research knows, an armed society is a safe society.

And no one -- no one! -- is making this country safer than Barack Obama:

Gun sales reached at least a 14-year high last month, according to a widely used, if imperfect, measure.

The FBI processed 2.78 million background checks through its national database (NICS), meaning last month was the busiest month ever for gun-sellers since NICS began in 1998. For contrast, authorities in Dec. 2007 processed 1.23 million checks, and five years before that, in 2002, only 974,000 checks.

Last month’s record-setting pace was the result of two deadly shootings in a month’s time, which significantly increased the likelihood that President Obama and Congressional Democrats would draft anti-gun legislation. But even before the massacre at Sandy Hook and the ambush outside Rochester, N.Y., gun sales were markedly higher, driven there by suspicion that the president would push for tighter restrictions. Last November was another record-busting month: 2 million NICS checks...

...While Democrats are among the loudest voices for new gun legislation, nothing has been better for the gun industry than President Obama. In 2007, the FBI processed 11.1 million checks through NICS. Last year, that figure was up 43% to 19.6 billion. In this period, President Obama needed to wrestle with far greater problems than gun control, and he made scant mention of it. Merely his presence in the White House was enough to stoke fear. The largest sales day in gun history came on the Black Friday after his first election, then again this year, when the NICS system crashed twice in late November, weeks after Obama’s reelection.

In the 20th century alone, more than a quarter of a billion innocent people were slaughtered by their own governments. More than 250 million men, women and children.

These mass-murders were carried out -- in every case -- by Marxist, Communist, Socialist, National Socialist (Nazi), Theocratic, and Autocratic Statists.

Not Tea Partiers. Not Constitutional Conservatives. By the ideological ancestors of the Left.

And that is why the shelves of gun stores around the country are barren. We are Americans. And we can smell the danger inherent with Leftists like Feinstein, Obama, Pelosi and Schumer.

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Jason in SD said...

The brick of .22 plinking ammo that I had been waiting for payday to pick up has gone up by 1/3. Yes, I know that there's unnatural demand (panic buying) pushing up the price but I'm going buy it anyway. Nothing will make me happier than to look back and chuckle that I overpaid.