Saturday, January 05, 2013

RACISM: Straight Up

Hat tip: Noisy Room.


K-Bob said...

I LOL'ed.

(I hate to LOL.)

Anonymous said...

The gun grabbing by the liberals is predictable. Liberals have constantly sought to criminalize the innocent and to set criminals free. One example is Ja’mari Jones in Seattle. He beat a man to death, but was only given 1 year in juvenile detention. Only a couple of years later, he shot a man to death in a bar. The problem isn’t guns, it’s the people who have no regard for life.

Guns, inanimate objects no more make an innocent, law abiding citizen a criminal, than a high capacity magazine makes David Gregory a raving lunatic murderer. But that's exact what liberals want the public to believe in order to hide their social science failure. Liberals want to criminalize innocent behavior while releasing criminals to continue their criminal ways.

Anonymous said...

I saw a pink one at the Cedar Rapids gun show yesterday. Would the people who oppose that one be guilty of sexism?

BTW, the gun show was packed. You could barely move in the aisles and dealers were selling guns faster than they could fill out the paperwork. Long guns were selling like hotcakes; high-capacity magazines were in short supply.

Lots of first-time attendees and they were buying.