Wednesday, January 09, 2013

REFERENCE: List of anti-gun journalists

According to the NRA-ILA, the following is a list of reliably anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-Bill of Rights journalists (I've added Leonard Pitts, the egregious joke of a pathetic, clueless, never-was, race-baiting hack for purposes of completeness).

  • Steve Benson - Cartoonist
  • Tony Auth - Cartoonist
  • Jim Borgman - Cartoonist
  • Jimmy Breslin - Columnist
  • Stuart Carlson - Cartoonist
  • Marie Cocco - Columnist
  • E.J. Dionne Jr. - Columnist
  • Bonnie Erbe - Columnist
  • Tom Fiedler - Columnist
  • Michael Gartner - Columnist
  • Mark Genrich - Columnist
  • James Glassman - Editor
  • Bob Herbert - Columnist
  • Bill Johnson - Columnist
  • Donald Kaul - Columnist
  • Mike Lane - Cartoonist
  • Leonard Larson - Columnist
  • Mike Luckovich - Cartoonist
  • Jimmy Margulies - Cartoonist
  • Deborah Mathis - Columnist
  • Colman McCarthy - Columnist
  • Jim Morin - Cartoonist
  • Tom Oliphant- Columnist
  • Mike Peters - Cartoonist
  • Leonard Pitts - Columnist
  • Robert Reno - Columnist
  • Frank Rich - Columnist
  • Cindy Richards - Columnist
  • Kevin Siers- Cartoonist
  • Ed Stein - Cartoonist
  • Tom Teepen - Editor
  • Tim Toles - Cartoonist
  • Garry Trudeau - Cartoonist
  • Cynthia Tucker - Columnist
  • Steve Twomey - Columnist
  • Steve Villano - Columnist
  • Adrienne Washington - Columnist
  • Don Wright - Cartoonist

Feel free to write or call any of them and simply ask them the following questions:

Why do you despise America? Why do you hate the Constitution? Why do you wish to destroy this great land?

Why do you hate the Bill of Rights? Why do you detest the very document that is designed to protect you and each of us -- the individual -- from a centralized, authoritarian government?

Why don't you tell us where your monotonous drive for more government ends?

Because you can't. And what does it say about you that you can't articulate any limits on government whatsoever?

Actually, schmuck, we know where it ends. History tells us it ends in tyranny. And that is why we will never abandon the Bill of Rights, no matter what kind of propaganda you publish. So read some history for once, you nitwit, and contact me when you do.


Anonymous said...

How about phone numbers and addresses?

FlyoverRed said...

Wow. So many. Wonder if any own guns. Or have hired armed security guards for themselves or their families.

Anonymous said...

I must admit: I have no idea who any of these people are

Anonymous said...

Steve Benson
(480) 619-7463
January 1954
906 E Cullumber St
Gilbert, AZ 85234

Anonymous said...

"reliably anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-Bill of Rights journalists"

A journalist who is NOT anti-American, anti-Constitution, and anti-Bill-of-Rights, is a contradiction in terms.

Why not just list ALL journalists.

Anonymous said...

The list is worthless without a Google map... ;o)