Thursday, July 09, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary to CNN: I was never subpoenaed. Gowdy: Um, here’s the subpoena

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Hillary to CNN: I was never subpoenaed. Gowdy: Um, here’s the subpoena: Guy Benson
Hillary's Ties to the Violent Extremist Saul Alinsky: Stanley Kurtz
Senators to DHS Chief: Why Are You Helping Sanctuary Cities?: Katie Pavlich

The Stupidity of Sophisticates: Mark Steyn
A plea to resist the Court on same-sex marriage: Lyle Denniston
Chicago Has Had More Than 12,000 Shootings Since 2010 (MAP): Tanveer Ali

Democrats Scurry from Sanctuary Ship: Debra Saunders
Donald Trump Was Right: John Hinderaker
Stop Complaining About Donald Trump: Erick Erickson

Bernie Sanders Is The Future Of The Democratic Party: David Harsanyi
In Portland, the Mania of Bernie: Scott Johnson
Fiddling Away the Future: Walter Williams


The Credit Warp: The Z Man
State-Based Accounting 101: Ranking Fiscal Condition: Veronique De Rugy
Chicago, state lawmakers consider tax hikes of 30%: ABC-7

Scandal Central

Federal Judge Drops the Hammer on Obama Administration Immigration Defiance: Matthew Clark
BOMBSHELL: FBI, DOJ Colluded with IRS, Lerner to “Bring Criminal Charges” Against Conservatives: Matthew Clark
Massive Government Overreach: Obama’s AFFH Rule Is Out: Stanley Kurtz

Hillary: My Secret Emails are a Phony Scandal and I Won't Discuss the Clinton Foundation: Guy Benson
Rand Paul Highlights Hillary Clinton’s False Testimony To Congress: Treehouse
Gowdy wants to grill Huma Abedin about Benghazi: Elise Viebeck

Climate & Energy

Money No Object: Obama Orders Solar Panels Put On Subsidized Housing: S&L


The New Totalitarians Are Here: Tom Nichols
Donald Trump's Blinding Achievement: EIB
Progressives Are Now Openly Rewriting the Racist History of the Democratic Party: Glob

CNN: Hillary Clinton Lied About Never Receiving a Subpoena: WFB
Hillary: Faxing Was Difficult Because It Was A Secure Fax: S&L
ESPN fires Keith Olbermann (again): FAM


Is Putin Playing Puppetmaster in Greece?: The XX Committee
The Market Crash and the End of Chinese Passivity: Noah Rothman
Cubans pay the price for Obama’s ‘engagement’ with the Castros: Jeff Jacoby

The Next Big Battlefield is Europe: Baron Bodissey
'Hamas Aiding ISIS in Egypt to Prepare for Next War with Israel': Ari Soffer
How my family recovered a painting stolen by the Nazis and sold it for $2.9 million: Peter J. Toren

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Technology the Focus of NYSE, United Airlines Problems: eWeek
Air force drops dummy nuclear bomb in Nevada in controversial test to update cold war arsenal: Daily Mail
The Look Of Funny: How The Onion's Art Department Works: Fastcodesign


Museum of Communism in Prague imitates the People's Cube: Cube
See If You Can Find the Victim Here.: MOTUS
Political insider Tony Rezko released to halfway house: Carlos Sadovi

Image: Bernie Sanders Is The Future Of The Democratic Party
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Time to Drop the Hammer: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "The Greek problem would not be a big problem if people would keep buying Greek bonds at 2% rather than demanding 10% or more. Across the West, budgets are based on paying debt service at near zero rates. If borrowing costs reverted back to historic norms, every nation in the West defaults within five years.

That means all efforts, like we’re seeing with the Euro, are aimed at keeping those borrowing rates low. They have no choice. Even small hikes could make some American states insolvent. Given the way government debt works, a small default can unleash hell on the biggest states, which is why Puerto Rico is a big deal.

The West is trapped in a box of its own making. There are two ways out of it. One is everyone commits suicide and the other is to begin restructuring so that over debts levels begin to decline as borrowing rates slowly return to normal. The latter is politically impossible so that leaves the former." --The Z Man

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