Sunday, July 26, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Steve King: Chamber of Commerce for 'cheap labor at any cost'

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Steve King: Chamber of Commerce for 'cheap labor at any cost': Byron York
Know Your Enemy: A Primer on Islamic Jihad: Rep. Steve King
America’s Hippies Sired a Posterity of Idiots: Jonathan P. Henderson

Obama Releases the ‘Unified Agenda’ and the Slide to Hell Begins: InvestmentWatch
Hillary Clinton accepts invite to testify before Benghazi committee: Sarah Westwood
Joe Lieberman Blasts Iran Deal, Says Schumer Is Key To Stopping It: William Teach

Senator Ted Cruz Declares Parliamentary War in the Senate: Brian Darling
Ted Cruz Unloads on Mitch McConnell in Fiery Senate Floor Speech: Fred Lucas
Clinton's Conspiracy of Secrecy Worthy of Criminal Probe: Ron Fournier

Boehner Wants More ‘Facts’ Before De-Funding Planned Parenthood: Sarah Torre
Did McConnell just set a 51-vote Obamacare repeal threshold?: Timothy P. Carney
Domestic Terror, Fear & Voters' Anger: Salena Zito


Attention America’s Suburbs: You Have Just Been Annexed: Stanley Kurtz
Chalkboard Marxists In America: Sara Noble
With Illinois' budget in limbo, child cares serving the poor are closing down: Nancy Cambria

Scandal Central

Planned Parenthood Exec Cited Public Hospital as Possible Source of Aborted Baby Parts: CNS
First, They Came for the Bar Owners....: Pro Libertate
Clintons' charities got £50million of British aid cash: DailyMail

Climate & Energy

EPA Said Global Warming Unproven To Obtain Legal Ruling For its Climate Regulations: Dr. Tim Ball
You Don't Have To Be Venal and Creepy To Work In Climate Science. But It Certainly Helps.: James Delingpole
States ask for rehearing on EPA climate rules: John Siciliano


Brent Bozell: ‘I Support Ted Cruz for President Unconditionally’: Breitbart
Cruz Calling McConnell a Liar Likely to Linger: Niels Lesniewski
Can You Guess Why You Probably Haven’t Heard About THIS Mass Murder in Oklahoma?: RWN

J. Edgar Hoover Eerily Familiar Testimony in 1967 on Race Riots in America.: Duane Lester
Mark Levin to Ted Cruz: The speech you gave on Senate floor today was ‘ICONIC’: Carmine Sabia
Jon Stewart Punished Daily Show's Only Minority Writer After Objection to Racist Herman Cain Sketch: Sooper

Trump Opponents Take Nuanced View of Child Rape: Ann Coulter
Here’s why Obama and Hillary must stop Donald Trump at all costs: Wayne Allyn Root
Five Spy Movies You Must See: The XX Committee


President Obama’s Trip to Kenya Doesn’t Go As Planned When His Speech Causes a Backlash: Katie Lapotin
Obama's legacy: Cuba, Iran, and silly, PC Brit-bashing: Robin Mitchinson
Hanoi’s Capitalist Revolution: Michael J. Totten

Democrats’ New Voting Bloc – Iran’s Terrorist Regime: Sara Noble
Iran says its frozen assets abroad are exaggerated: AFP
Unseen 9/11 White House photos showing Bush administration's reaction released: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

First Look: The ONE Smart Piano: Victor Marks
Rumor: Amazon To Test Drive-Up Grocery Stores in Silicon Valley: David Murphy
Software For The Full-Stack Era: Maxwell Wessel and Roy Ng


Kenya: Home Again: MOTUS
He Plays “Taps” At The Same Time Everyday. Watch What His Neighbors Do When He Starts Playing…: TBMM
Fitness Motivator's Controversial Rant About Overweight People: Common Cents

Image: Kenya: Home Again

QOTD: "I wholeheartedly endorse Ted Cruz for president of the United States, and urge all conservatives nationwide to rally behind Ted, immediately. The Republican party establishment is counting on conservatives to be divided, so that they can nominate a moderate, do-nothing candidate. Make no mistake: If the Republican Party repeats what it’s done for the last two elections, Republicans will lose. I guarantee it.

If, on the other hand, we nominate a principled, passionate conservative America can count on to restore her greatness, there will be an outpouring of support. We need a courageous conservative who tells the truth and does what he promises. We need to nominate an inspiring leader, who’s proven he’s willing to take on the Washington cartel and buck the political establishment of both parties. We need a leader who will win and reignite the promise of America.

And there’s some good conservatives running for president. But we need more than a ‘campaign’ conservative. We need a consistent conservative who has led the fights important to us. Ted Cruz is this leader. I support Ted Cruz for president unconditionally and enthusiastically." --Brent Bozell

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AnechoicRoom said...

Joe Lieberman Blasts Iran Deal, Says Schumer Is Key To Stopping It: William Teach

OK, I didn't power up my internet device, for five or so days (I had my fill ... of madness). And what do I find? Lil Chuckie's been appointed, to the the Supreme Court!

Reason with Schumer? Hey Joe, put down the crack pipe. Please, step way from the coffee table. Schumer somehow finding/discovering the location of his long lost moral compass? Get help Joe.

What's that .... be nice to lil Chuckie? Bake him a cake? Homie don't convect for homosexuals. Sue me.

There is no stopping this deal. Y'all rather clueless the depths of Obama's (actaul/real/clinical) insanity. Yes, you are.