Saturday, July 18, 2015

CRUZ: Obama May Not Believe We are at War With Islamism, but Islamism is at War With Us

By Sen. Ted Cruz

Yesterday, members of our armed services in Chattanooga, Tennessee, went to work in the service of our nation. Some went to a recruiting center to assist the young people who, like so many before them, would walk through the door on any given Thursday morning and volunteer to defend the United States of America. Four brave Marines went to a Naval Reserve Center to perform their duties to the Tennessee National Guard.

But one of the young people who visited two of those facilities was not like the others. He was there not to volunteer to serve America, but to attack America. Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez was there to carry out jihad, an act of radical Islamic terrorism. An act of war, in which those four brave Marines lost their lives, while at least two others were wounded.

In the wake of this vicious attack on our nation we need to rid ourselves of two dangerous delusions, first and foremost that a ‘lone gunman’–as President Obama described the shooter–is somehow isolated from the larger threat of radical Islamic terrorism. In the modern world, no one acts in isolation. Through social media ISIS, al Qaida, and other groups are infiltrating our nation with impunity while our government will not even admit that radical Islamic terrorism is a problem.

The second delusion is that this attack is somehow isolated from previous episodes, notably those in Little Rock, Arkansas and Fort Hood, Texas, in 2009—both of which were attacks on American military facilities. The Obama administration was woefully reluctant to call either an act of radical Islamic terrorism, instead suggesting ‘workplace violence’ as a justification for the killings. Finally, after years of effort, the victims of Fort Hood were properly recognized as victims of attacks by foreign terrorists when they received Purple Hearts on April 15, 2015. Likewise, the victim of the Little Rock attack received a Purple Heart on July 1, 2015.

“We cannot afford to wait six years to recognize what happened in Chattanooga for what it was. We need to see with clarity right now what has happened. We can immediately hold hearings in the Senate Armed Services Committee on the need for our enlisted men and women to have the right to be armed in military facilities. Congress can pass the Expatriate Terrorist Act that would allow our government to stop Americans who travel overseas to train with terrorist groups from coming back to attack us at home. We can thoroughly overhaul our broken immigration system that is allowing this type of individual to gain citizenship. And we can accept the reality that while we might wish it otherwise, the forces of radical Islam are at war with us.

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Anonymous said...

As the 'war authorization' is pending in congress - once again another shooting in another 'gun free zone'. Do americans realize that all shootings take place in 'gun free zones'?
Judicial Watch has received proof from the Pentagon that they are responsible in 'creating' ISIS.
While the corp. media continues to nudge americans into believing theiy are in danger because of ISIS - the gun grabbers continue their agenda with disarming the American public as a whole.
Do americans understand that these two agendas are contradicting each other? Why would a government use anything available to them - including false flags - to force americans into compliance they are also beginning to expose themselves and their agenda.
Do americans know why the US created ISIS and for what purpose; do they know why this government continues to distract them and setting their own citizenry up with flase flags and who is the benefactor?
When you go and take a look at the raw pics - before being 'disappeared' or 'changed' - his car is undamaged despite reporting by the msn that he ran into a 'wall or fence'. When one looks at the supposedly 'dead' shooter - he looks flat or like a stuffed doll on the ground and dressed in a jump suit. How can that be when he was driving his convertible and in a warm summer day?
The bankers are really panicking and do not tie up their little links well and are rather sloppy.
Innocent people always die in their evil schemes - as these Marines did here - but why the deception of the 'supposedly' shooter?

Anonymous said...

Translation: We are at war with the true followers of Islam. Or put more succinctly, we are at war with Islam.