Thursday, July 30, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Joint Chiefs Chairman Dempsey: Obama Presenting False Choice Between Deal and War

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Joint Chiefs Chair: Obama Offering False Choice Between Deal and War: Blake Seitz
Kerry: We Can't Reveal Contents of Secret Side Deals to American People: Daniel Halper
Ted Cruz Toys With Kerry, Carter, Moniz: "Sir, Do You Apologize Or Not?": RCP

Defense Secretary: Iran Will Not Change Behavior as Result of Nuke Deal: Daniel Halper
The Price Of Ignorance: WIlliam Pollack
Kerry's disrespectful mocking stance on Israel, and Congress: Michael Curtis

Cecil the Lion: MagFarm
Two Weeks Later, Hillary Clinton Finally Comments On Planned Parenthood Video: DC
Fear and Fascism: Judge Bars Release of More Planned Parenthood Videos: Treehouse

John Boehner's 10 Worst Moments as Speaker: Logan Albright
Meadows Files Resolution to Fire Cryin' Johnny Boehner: Camp o' the Saints
Boehner, McConnell 'Destroying Party From the Top': Greg Corombos


9.6MM Americans Unemployed—8.1MM Illegal Aliens EMPLOYED: Stephen Frank
Situation critical: Obamacare costs set to pummel state budgets: Jason Hart
Obama Cost Us All Over $5 Million Just for the Flight Alone for His Vacation to Africa: RWN

Scandal Central

A curious — and coincidental — two-month gap in Hillary e-mails: Ed Morrissey
Cause of Action Sues State for Clinton Records Failure: Destiny Albritton
Obama’s Border Patrol Releases Another Illegal Alien Who Murdered and Raped Americans: RWN

Judge threatens to hold Obama’s lawyers in contempt over Lerner’s IRS emails: Stephen Dinan
Cruz on lost IRS emails: ‘Nixon’s ghost must have been smiling’: Fox
Ted Cruz presses IRS commissioner on non-profit targeting: Sylvan Lane

Climate & Energy

Hillary on Keystone Pipeline – I’ll tell you my position when I’m President: LI
Massive Tampering By GISS: Paul Homewood
Failure Theater, Regulatory Edition: Rob Garver


Can Mark Levin’s New Book, ‘Plunder and Deceit,’ Rescue America’s Youth?: Hans A. von Spakovsky
Mark Levin's Plunder and Deceit: Thomas Lifson
Watch: Cruz compares Obama to Nixon: Sean Langille

Hey David Muir and Almin Karamehmedovic, Why Cecil and Not Cecile?: Erick Erickson
Nets Spend More Time on Cecil the Lion in 1 Day Than Abortion Vids in 2 Weeks: MRC
Panic in Pittsburgh: Media Struggling to Ignore Black Mob Violence: Colin Flaherty

NYT backtracks, a little, amid email scandal: Bill Bumpas
President Obama’s Companion Rep For Criminal Justice Reform Arrested Today: Treehouse
Ratings for Bruce Jenner’s ‘I Am Cait’ Are In, and Guess What?: RWN


Israel: U.S. Officials Are Withholding Major Parts And Details Of Iran Deal From Us: Katie Pavlich
Iran agreement: Why you should read Paragraph 36: Owen Alterman
Ted Cruz: Release names of U.S. deaths linked to Iran: Andrew Tilghman

The Much-Too-Special Relationship: Nicholas Shaxson
Three ISIS Terror Trials This Week in America: Clarion
'May I Cut Off a Head as a Wedding Present?' - ISIS: 'Yes': Clarion

That Clicking Sound: The Z Man
What Is Life Really Like in North Korea? One Woman’s Story: Chelsea Scism
Gun Rights Advocates Have A Devastating New Argument Against Gun Control. Here It Is.: Kurt Schlichter

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Search for Alien Life Ignites Battle over Giant Telescope: Lee Billings
Hackers can crack the self-aiming rifle to change its target: Andrew Tarantola
This is How Photoshop Artist Erik Johansson Creates His Mind-Bending Images: Michael Zhang


Time for the GOP to Crap or Get Off the Pot: Leon H. Wolf
Let’s Hear It For Team-Boehner! Raw! Raw! Raw!: MOTUS
For the Little People: Hillary Clinton’s NYC haircut cost $600: Douglas Ernst

Image: Ted Cruz presses IRS commissioner on non-profit targeting
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QOTD: "Do you, [Defense] Secretary [Ashton] Carter, believe that Iran will change its behavior as a result if this agreement is finalized? And have you seen any indication of that?" Senator John McCain asked this morning.

"I've not, Mr. Chairman," said Secretary Carter. "In speaking just from my own judgment I don't foresee that or have any reason to foresee that. That is why it's important that the agreement be verifiable. That is why it's important that Iran not have a nuclear weapon and that is also why it's important that we keep doing everything that we need to do. Defend our friends and allies, remain strong in the Gulf, freedom of navigation, ballistic missile defense--all of the things we're doing. We need to keep doing those things, and the agreement doesn't limit us in anyway. Obviously if Iran changes its behavior, that would be a welcome thing. But I see no reason to foresee that chairman, personally." --Daniel Halper


Anonymous said...

Hillary's comments on PP were obscure, and why not, these were the same people who told us fish felt pain and catching them was barbaric.
The revelation today of Physician excitement over securing a whole live fetus to sell is unique, it makes dismembering the little ones without digoxin a marvel of technology. I think they should keep these alive in aquariums and let sick people bond directly with them before they are used by Science as the source of their new health and well being.

AnechoicRoom said...

@ anon ...

The vids aren't going to make any difference what so ever. Between the Reich Ministry/MSM embargo. The (I gotta believe prouder than Tiger Woods at a porn convention) L.A. judge, who embargoed them by personal/pet fiat. And society in general. The totality of moral decay is staggering.

The IslamoCommieJunta is WINNING. They are good at what they do. And they have been doing it 24/7. For six years now. Without any opposition. Their destruction has found purchase.

We, are LOSING. The Country is dying. And the world, hasn't far to travel, while going ... to hell.

Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you, Doug.