Monday, July 27, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Where's the Outrage?

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Where's the Outrage?: Erick Erickson
The Congressional battle Over Iran: Richard Baehr
Hillary Operatives Brace for “Clinton Collapse”: GWP

McConnell Blocks Defunding Planned Parenthood, Kate’s Law: Derek Hunter
Lee about to expose McConnell's true loyalties to Obamacare: Newsmachete
What about the civilians?: Dan Zimmerman

Hillary's web of lies keeps unraveling: Daniel John Sobieski
Hillary faces dangerous enemy in the Obama administration: Michael Goodwin
Billionaire brothers give Ted Cruz super PAC $15 million: KDVR

The Coming (And Hilarious) Democrat Implosion: Kurt Schlichter
The State GOP Wave: Steven Malanga
Which cities are Americans ditching?: Steve Sailer

McConnell, GOP senators slam Cruz: Jordain Carney and Kevin Cirilli
The Cloud People’s Trump Problem: The Z Man
US mosque link between Islamic attacks authorities are ignoring: Pamela Geller


Why Obamanomics Will Never Work: Daniel Horowitz
Furious Coal CEO Lets It All Out: "Obama Is Nation's Great Destroyer": ZH
Coca-Cola Says No to Planned Parenthood: Erick Erickson

Scandal Central

Obama calls for banning of American Revolutionary Gadsden flag: Fellowship of the Minds
Attorney General Loretta Lynch Faces Potential Minefield With Hillary Clinton Email Investigation: ABC News
Attorney suggests Clinton attacks ‘prejudiced’ court: Bob Unruh

Climate & Energy

Y2Kyoto: How To Fund Your Mammoth Fetish In 6 Easy Steps: SDA


The Rise of a New Darkened America: The Ignorant Fishermen
Gun Free Zone versus Gun Carry Zone: GFZ
‘Mr. Obama, You are a Tyrant!’: Chattanooga Marine Veteran’s message goes Viral: Scoop

Black Lies Matter: Taxicab Depressions
The Crowd: Dave Smith, PoliceMag
Englewood Shooting: Second City Cop

Classified Information Found On Hillary’s Private Email Account, Media Corrections Edition: Dan Spencer
Hillary Clinton tries to change the subject: RS
Fundamental Change – Military Recruitment Centers in Obama’s America: Treehouse


Unbelievable: WH Supports Turkey’s Attack On Kurds: WZ
Fear and Loathing for Jews in France: AmInt
Iran’s Secret New Balkan Spy-Terror Offensive: The XX Committee (10/24/2014)

John Kerry's Passive-Aggressive Anti-Israel Speech Is Nothing New: Lid
Sharansky Calls on US Jews to Stand Up to White House Over Iran Nuclear Deal: Shiryn Ghermezian
Kenyan president rebukes Obama’s gay rights message: Sarah Ferris, The Hill

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Truckpocalypse!: Trucker Classifieds
The “Assault Weapon” From 1780: Bob Owens


“Just War Theory” vs. American Self-Defense: Yaron Brook and Alex Epstein (2006)
Random Thoughts About Disarmed Disney World: Robert Farago
Private Citizens stop 16% of mass shootings: GunNuts (2014)

Image: The Troubling Question in the French Jewish Community: Is It Time to Leave?
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QOTD: "Somebody very high in the food chain leaked the memos requesting the probe [into Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified information]. The New York Times, which broke the story, identified its source only as “a senior government official.”

My money is on Valerie Jarrett, the Obamas’ Rasputin, who is known to despise Clinton. If it was Jarrett, she would not do this against the president’s wishes.

That also would be true for any “senior government official” who leaked the memos. Targets don’t get any bigger than Hillary Clinton, so this was not a rogue operation. This was an approved hit.

Clinton has an enemies list — and it looks like she’s on Obama’s. It’s also possible the White House is ­using the issue to keep her in line on the Iranian nuke deal. The implied threat is “look what happened to Robert Menendez.”
Either way, she had it coming. Her arrogance and bald-face lies about the e-mails must have infuriated her boss and colleagues. Her decision to conduct government business on a private server in her home and use personal e-mail accounts was a giant “f–k you” to the administration." --Michael Goodwin


Barry Popik said...

Where's the outrage? I left the Republican party, and I had been a Republican all of my life.

This party lied to me, votes against me at every turn, and deserves to go the way of the Whigs. How much more evidence do Republican voters need? These Republicans that were elected to Congress are traitors.
McConnell Renews Import-Export Bank, Blocks Defunding Planned Parenthood and Kate’s Law
Jim Hoft Jul 27th, 2015 7:21 am
On Sunday Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) renewed funding for the Export Import bank despite previous promises.

Then McConnell blocked defunding Planned Parenthood and Kate’s Law.

Who is he working for again?

Anonymous said...

If they ban the Gadsden flag, we should just switch to the Virginia state flag which features the phrase, "Sic Semper Tyranis". Has a ring to it.