Monday, July 20, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: A Horrible Week for the Free World–And a Glimmer of Hope

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A Horrible Week for the Free World–And a Glimmer of Hope: Erick Stakelbeck
Chattanooga: Stop Crying, Start Getting Angry: Kim Quade
Terror USA: Ft. Hood Victim Says Obama Needs to Get his 'Head Out of His A**': RWN

Obama's rationale implodes: Prof. Abraham Ben-Zvi
Appeasement in Our Time: Jack Kelly
Here, Tell These People Something They Don't Know About Me: SDA

Chattanooga Shooter’s Mosque Fundraised on Behalf of Jihad in 2009: Kyle Shideler
Chattanooga’s Lone Wolf: Judith Miller
Suspects Wanted For Paintball Shootings On Staten Island Arrested: Mark Hirshberg

Millions and Millions of Mohammeds: Daniel Greenfield
More Than Half of New California Driver's Licenses Go to Illegal Aliens: Breitbart
Boehner and McConnell must go: David Bozell

'Proven Fundraiser' Ted Cruz Can Defeat Clinton in 2016: Breitbart
Trump campaign implodes after McCain war hero insult: JWF
Hillary So Controlling She’s Silencing Her Own Supporters: Robert Gehl


Rubio: Clinton’s Uber Criticisms Show Someone ‘Trapped In The Past’: Andrew Kugle
Walker ‘impressive’ during manufactured confrontation with illegals in Iowa: Twitchy
Two Business Owners Fight the IRS to Get Their Seized Money Back: Melissa Quinn

Scandal Central

Obama Stole His Latest Idea of Forced Housing Redistribution Straight from Marxist Handbook: Jim Hoft
Obama Has Not Ordered Flag Flown at Half-Staff for Servicemen Killed in TN Terror Attack: GWP
But Voted for Governor in 2010: Mummified MI woman Pia Farrenkopf died 6 years ago: Dan Riehl

Tyrants and Snowflakes: Clarice Feldman
Obama’s Diversity Police State and Government Mandated Racism: NoisyRm
Obama’s awesome new race database even more awesome than you imagined: Jazz Shaw

Climate & Energy

California Water Wars Escalate: State Changes Law, Orders Farmers To Stop Pumping: Tyler Durden
20 Years Without Global Warming: MB
Your Future with Smart Meters: City Power pleads with residents not to panic: fin24


Paul Krugman on the minimum wage: 1998 vs. 2015: Mark J. Perry
National Swimmer's Day: iOTWreport
Terror Wins: French Magazine Attacked by Terrorists Vow ‘No More Muhammad Cartoons’: RWN

‘Rape Culture’ or ‘Libel Culture’? Lawyers for Rolling Stone Blame the Victim: R.S. McCain
Trump twist: Chris Rock said almost exact same thing about McCain in 2008 stand-up joke: BPR
John McCain was a War Hero, but he’s also a Loser and an attacker of fellow Republicans: RWN

NY Times: Now That We’ve Surrendered To Iran, Perhaps Other Issues Can Now Be Discussed: Cove
Fact Check: The Washington Post on Donald Trump and John McCain: Sharyl Attkisson
An Open Secret or Hollywood’s Other Cosby Shoe: DTG


The prophetic video that predicted what Obama would do to Israel: Matzav
Acid Attack in Iran Targets Girls, Young Woman: Clarion
National Suicide: Yes, It Happens—Look At The Xhosas: John Derbyshire

Five Reasons Why Islam Is A Cult: Colleen Conley
Islamic State Group Releases One of Its Most Sickening Videos Yet: Sharona Schwartz
ISIS PR: ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi Tells Islamic State To Stop Showing Execution Videos: Treehouse

Obama Lights Firestorm on Capitol Hill: Walter Russell Mead
Why It’s Okay to Talk about Chamberlain Right Now: Thane Rosenbaum
Barack Obama plagiarizes the Onion.: Moe Lane

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

What .01820 Bitcoin can buy today and how this trend is going to change the world: Greg Garneau
US company gives glimpse into future of government surveillance:
Trustwave shows the business breakdown of professional hackers: Insider


Netroots Nation: Where Some Lives Matter and Some Don’t: MOTUS
Video: Jewish Torah vs Muslim Quran: Torah Anytime
Huma Abedin is paid highest in US presidential campaign: Asian Age

Image: Muslim Terrorist Slips Back Into Britain After Release From US Prison
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: IT'S TIME: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "If you had asked me ten years ago if there was any chance of Greece becoming a failed state within a decade, I would have said ‘No, no chance.’ But here we are. In ten years, I suspect, we’ll be marveling over all the other failed states as the rot proceeds from the outside in...

...There’s simply too much debt and too little cheap oil for there to be any other trajectory to this story. Boneheadedly, our leadership is so out-of-touch that their best response to this set of predicaments is to sacrifice the populace of an entire developed nation (for generations to come) just to keep the status quo stumbling along for a bit longer.

We need to all prepare for the inevitability that, as the rot proceeds, the people of Greece will not be the only casualties of the banks' attempts at self-preservation. They'll try to throw all of us under the bus before taking any losses themselves." --Chris Martenson

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