Saturday, July 11, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Ex-Obama Security Adviser Tweets #AllahuAkbar to Celebrate South Carolina’s Flag Coming Down

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Ex-Obama DHS Adviser Tweets #AllahuAkbar Celebrating SC Flag Change: LibertyNews
Sanctuary City Gangbanger Gets 10 Years For Triple Murder: Brian Anderson
The Biggest Loophole in the System: Ace

The Coming Confrontation: John Velisek
Some thoughts on the coming collapse of the United States of America: RS
“RESPECT” is Dispensed at the Business End of a Sword: Deth Guild

The Meaning of Obama's Silence: Scott Johnson
FBI Chief Falsely Claims Background Check System Failed: Bob Owens
Trump Effect: Left Moves To Ban Truth About Immigration: James Kirkpatrick

A Cruz-Walker GOP Ticket?: Bob Ellis, American Clarion
Sen. Tom Coburn talks Article V and reining in D.C.: COS
Ted Cruz is “proud to stand with Donald Trump”: Alana Wise


CBO: Debt Headed to 103% of GDP; Level Seen Only in WWII: CNS
What the left does when they think they won’t like what is about to be said: VictoryGirls
Sessions: MSFT lays off Americans while demanding more immigrants: Jordan Laporta

Scandal Central

It looks like Lois Lerner may have also been behind conservative targeting in Wisconsin: Poor Richard
Gay Man Files $70M Suit Against Bible Publishers Over 'Homosexual' Verses: TPNN
It’s Not If But When the Government Seizes Private Retirement Savings: Sara Noble

Climate & Energy

Climate Scientists Are Dealing With Psychological Problems: Jack Holmes


The Cross-Border Chaos of ‘Cartel Land’: Jason Dick
How Nike made US red, white & blue disappear at World Cup: Phil Mushnick
‘Stop Rush’ activist ordered to pay Limbaugh spokesman: Brian Maloney, Media Equalizer

Mark Levin: NY Times going after Ted Cruz by keeping him off the bestseller list: Scoop
Ted Cruz’s exclusion from NYT Best Sellers List raises questions: Christian Holub
In case Hillary isn’t enough, here are the top 10 reasons to vote Democrat: Allen West

Black Activists Take Obscene Pictures With American Flag to Beg for Money: Sooper
Mobs Attack Woman and Kids: “didn’t belong in their neighborhood because she was white”: Treehouse
Obama the triple-loser: David Lawrence


The P5+1 Talks Have Entered the Twilight Zone: Jeff Dunetz
'Kayhan': The White House Will Be Destroyed In Under 10 Minutes If The U.S. Attacks Iran: MEMRI
Iran-flagged ship targets U.S. Navy with laser: Barbara Starr, CNN

Bolivian Marxist crucifix leaves Vatican scrambling for lame excuses.: Carlos Eire
‘My Son Was Murdered By A Mexican Illegal Immigrant…..It’s Time People Listened To Trump’: Greg Campbell
An African Planet?: Dan Roodt

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The White Slaves of Barbary: April Holloway
2,000 Bronze Age gold spirals found in Denmark: The History Blog
Mystery airships: Wikipedia (via Ace)


One of these things is not like the other…: MOTUS
The Mixed-Up Brothers of Bogotá: Susan Dominus
Requiem for a Flag. And History: MOTUS

Image: An African Planet?
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "Obama remains silent because he cannot make [Kathryn] Steinle’s murder about himself.

Obama remains silent because her murder illustrates the dilemma with one of his schemes profoundly to transform the United States.

Obama remains silent because her murder illustrates the dilemma so indelibly.

Obama remains silent because Sanchez represents the politically incorrect illegal alien crime wave.

Obama remains silent because he cannot plausibly turn Steinle’s death to his narrow political advantage.

If there has ever been a smaller man or bigger jerk than Barack Obama holding the office of president, we need to know now." --Scott Johnson

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