Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: The Hell That is the Obama White House

Our apologies: for the first time since January 2009, the morning Larywn's Linx was not published. The linx were all ready to go at 6:30 AM Eastern Time, but somehow never hit the final publication process. Please accept our apologies for nearly breaking our unbroken, more-than-six-years running, daily news dump!

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The Hell That is the Obama White House: David Horowitz
The Iran debate is over. The world lost and Iran won.: RS
Iran’s Supreme Leader taunts U.S. and Israel on Social Media: Kemberlee Kaye

State Dept. Just Can't Stop Lying About Caving on Lifting Iran Arms Embargo: Lid
John Kerry Is Very Disturbed: EIB
Israel: Why Offer Increased Military Aid if Iran Deal is so Great?: Eliyahu Berkowitz

Medical Monsters vs. Life-Giving Angels: Michelle Malkin
Planned Parenthood: Hillary Clinton’s Ongoing Silence Is Alarming: Marybeth Glenn
A Reality Check on Donald Trump: Erick Erickson

Should The Marines In Chattanooga Have Been Armed?: Herschel Smith
The Fact-Free Left: Thomas Sowell
Exclusive Interview: 2016 Contender Gov Scott Walker: Dana Loesch


Dodd-Frank at 5 -- helping big banks get bigger: Washington Examiner
Official City Of St Louis Vehicle Spotted Sporting Anti-RTW Propaganda: Dana Loesch
The SEIU's fast-food gamble: Glenn Spencer

Scandal Central

Kate Steinle's Dad: 'Take These Undocumented Immigrant Felons Off Our Streets for Good': Trey Sanchez
Mark Levin: Marxist in the White House Has Us Living in a Police State: Sara Noble
Took Him Long Enough: Gat Patriot


The Whores of Moloch Preside Over the American Press Corps: Eirck Erickson
Horrific! MSNBC Panel Defends Smashing Baby Skulls, Selling Fetus Parts for Profit: DownTrend
New Iowa Poll – Trump Leads GOP Field, No Slump After Attacks on McCain: Treehouse

Evil with salad and a nice red wine: John Kass
ESPN host is being CRUCIFIED by Black Twitter for not towing the line on ‘All Lives Matter’: Scoop
Ann Coulter: Is Jeb Bush Going To Apologize To Kate Steinle’s Parents?: DownTrend


The Chattanooga Shooter’s “Muslim Brotherhood” Uncle Has Been Detained in Jordan: Treehouse
Kerry to visit Gulf Arab states, vows to 'push back' against Iran: Reuters
“They Cannot Stay in Italy Because There is no Work”: Baron Bodissey

Hanoi’s Capitalist Revolution: Michael J. Totten
Pope Francis trying to ignite a violent Communist revolution: Paul B. Farrell
China’s Last ‘Immortal’ Dies: Gordon G. Chang

Cuba: “Mojito diplomacy”: Fausta
The U.S.’s Math Olympiad Win Breaks China’s Dominance: Leah Libresco
Texans threaten to cover land with pigs’ blood to block Muslim cemetery: Mark Frauenfelder

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Hackers Remotely Kill A Jeep On The Highway—With Me In It: Andy Greenberg
California turns to jamming tech to disable pesky drones: Tim Hornyak
FTC sues identity protection service LifeLock again: Jeremy Kirk


Historical Ignorance II: Walter Williams
Your Hand is Black, Thin and Weak; Time to Play Your Trump Card?: MOTUS
Obama Takes Swipe at AIPAC in Appealing to Base on Iran Deal: Jacob Kornbluh

Image: Dodd-Frank at 5 -- helping big banks get bigger
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QOTD: "It [Trump's comment on John McCain] was a flip remark... He has made it very clear John McCain is a war hero. This is the other thing he’s being attacked for. And this enormous hysteria over a flip remark, that was a mistake, by Donald Trump.

I think it’s a mistake that Jeb Bush called illegal immigration an ‘act of love'. Is he going to apologize to Kate Steinle’s parents for that? That’s a much bigger mistake. How about giving driver’s licenses to 13 of 19 9/11 hijackers?”" --Ann Coulter

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Arthur said...

Pope Francis trying to ignite a violent Communist revolution: Paul B. Farrell

Did you happen to actually read this screed?

"Unfortunately, conservative capitalists — Big Oil, Koch billionaires, our GOP Congress and all fossil-fuel climate-science deniers — are blind to the fact their ideology is on the wrong side of history, that by fighting a no-win battle they are committing suicide, self-destructing their own ideology."