Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Kerry: Iran “May” Kill Americans Or Israelis

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Kerry: Iran “May” Kill Americans Or Israelis: WZ
Kerry: Congress can kill the Iran deal: Charles Hoskinson
Is a Criminal Probe of Clinton Near?: Matthew Vadum

The GOP Senate is Not On Our Side: Leon H. Wolf
Mitch McConnell is actually worse than Reid...: Breitbart
McConnell's vision of 'governing' drags GOP astray: Timothy P. Carney

How To Solve The Illegal Immigration Problem – Part I: Treehouse
Illegal Charged in Murderous Crime Spree After ICE Refused to Detain Him: GWP
Punished conservative moves to oust Boehner: Susan Ferrechio

How Close Was Donald Trump To The Mob?: David Marcus
Linda Tripp: Hillary Clinton Is a Walking, Talking War on Women: Daily Mail
I dunno, folks. What *do* you call a socialist who ISN’T an internationalist?: Moe Lane


The No Trust State: The Z Man
Order, Please, Not Utopia: Myron Magnet
What’s the Matter With San Francisco?: Stephen Frank

Scandal Central

3rd Shock Video: Planned Parenthood Exec Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies: LifeNews
Third Planned Parenthood video released: 'Huge trafficking of fetal tissues': Exam
Obama Cronyism + Your Personal Data = Trouble: Michelle Malkin

The Missing Hillary Emails No One Can Explain: Daily Beast
IRS Failed to Search Five of Six Locations for Lois Lerner Emails: ATR
IRS Produces Recovered Lerner Emails: JW

Climate & Energy

EPA Chief: Climate Change Is Fact Because Bad Weather Leads the News: Nicholas Ballasy


It’s Official: Jon Stewart is an Obama Shill: LI
Mark Levin Calls for Resignation of Boehner and McConnell: Jen Kuznicki
The word "#cuckservative" is being used as a banner-of-convenience: Ace

Mark Levin and the Big Picture: Kevin D. Williamson
A flashing red light for America's rising generation: Jeffrey Lord
Ted Cruz Just Threw An Epic Challenge At Obama- '...In Front Of The American People': WJ


Obama Knows Iran will Use its Nukes on Israel: Mark Langfan
In Congress, Kerry unsure if Iran wishes to destroy US: Times of Israel
Jonathan Pollard granted parole: Insider

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Is this the only universe?: Laura Dattaro
The Military Will Test a New Terrifyingly Loud Noise Gun: Patrick Tucker
A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning: R2D3


Why Women Like ‘Retro Sexism’: Stephanie Edelman
Mister Whoopee explains the Iranian deal to Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley: Don Surber
Social Justice, American Style. Coming Soon To a Town Near You.: MOTUS

Image: John Kerry's Face
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QOTD: "It is unprecedented that President Obama is taking this major and likely damaging step in the foreign policy arena with absolutely no bipartisan support. This deal with revolutionary Iran will be opposed by all leading Republican candidates for president. It will be overwhelmingly rejected by Republican members of the House and Senate. Our closest ally in the region and the Middle East’s only true democracy, Israel, is dead set against deal. The same is true for our key Arab allies. In response, the president in his press conference lumped Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, “the Israeli Ambassador” and “the Republican Leadership” into a group that must argue for a new Middle Eastern “war” as the only viable alternative to his deal with Iran’s Supreme Leader. This straw man argument that America only has a choice between the president’s weak deal and “war” is so discredited as to no longer merit a serious response.  

After Prime Minister Chamberlain signed the Munich Accords with the Supreme Leader of another ideological and cruel regime, Winston Churchill said in Parliament that the British people “should know that we have sustained a defeat without a war, the consequences of which will travel far with us along our road..." Sadly, his prophetic warning in 1938 appears to be applicable to us today." --Robert C. O’Brien

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