Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: The Case is Clear: Obama Deserves Impeachment over his Iran Nuke Deal

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Case is Clear--Obama Deserves Impeachment over the Iran Deal: Andrew C. McCarthy
The Iran Deal: Weimar Days Are Here Again: Roger L. Simon
Kerry Ducks Question: Must US Help Protect Iran From Sabotage?: Clarion

Levin: It's Time for Boehner and McConnell to Resign: Aaron Bandler
Ted Cruz – A Matter Of Honor: NoisyRm
This is the lie GOP leadership told ME: Allen West

Can States sink the Iran Nuke Deal?: LI
Oh, BTW: the Democratic front-runner is quite cordially hated in swing states: Moe Lane
Missing in Action: Where is Rand Paul?: Erick Erickson

Study: 20% of El Salvador, 25% of Mexico Now Illegally Living Inside U.S.: RWN
New California: Mass Immigration Turning Virginia Blue and Poor: Julia Hahn
Documented Irresponsibility: Thomas Sowell

Why Does The Republican Party Exist?: Ben Domenech
Ted Cruz Issues Manifesto For Conservative Populism: CHQ
Hillary Clinton's Bewildering Economics: Ramesh Ponnuru

No, The Lafayette Gunman Did Not Buy His Gun Legally: Ace
White Man Shot by African Americans Over Confederate Flag on His Car: RWN
Concealed Carrier Stops Attempted Mass Shooting In Cincinnati: Bob Owens

Scandal Central

Wow. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Destroys Hillary’'s Email Lies: Ed Morrissey
House GOP panelists demand resignation of IRS chief: S.A. Miller, Washington Times
‘Do You Hear Me?’ Judge Benchslaps State Department Over Hillary Clinton-Related Documents: David Lat


“Creepy Weird” – Hillary Clinton Gives Climate Policy Speech In Empty Room With No Audience…: Treehouse
Democrat-controlled Senate Tells Conservatives To Go To Hell, Sets Up Hot GOP On GOP Action: Ace
Media Confounded by 'Trump's Ascent': Bradford Thomas

With its Planned Parenthood editorial, the New York Times repeats a shameful history: Joshua Rogers
Who is Eric Greitens?: Dana Loesch
Ohio Cops Hunt 70 Juveniles In Late Night "Mob And Rob" Of Circle K Store: TSG

Hillary Clinton Just Hit an Ominous Polling Number For the First Time in Nearly 8 Years: Chris Enloe
Meet the Press Anchor: Hillary's Favorability 'Dismal,' Email Probe 'Incredibly Significant': Guy Benson
Clinton Is Massively Underwater With Registered Voters: Jake Tapper


So the U.S. will help Iran fight...Israel?: Chad Groening
Even Iran deal supporters shocked by lifting of arms embargo: Charles Hoskinson
White House launches Iran side deals counterattack: The Hill

Bipartisan Senate Panel Tells John Kerry He’s a Sucker on Iran: LI
Iran Deal Flunks In Polls: Dick Morris
ADL Joins Obama’s War on Israel: Adam Kredo

Iran Deal Worth More than All U.S. Aid to Israel Since 1948: Joel B. Pollak
Illegal Immigrants Hop From Boat, Run Ashore in Miami Beach: Jodi Giddings, Victory Girls
Morality Police Come to France: John Hinderaker

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Could bomb-proof lining prevent another Lockerbie?: David Szondy
The F-35: Throwing Good Money after Bad: Mike Fredenburg
Hacked Jeep: Whom to Blame?: Junko Yoshida


‘Plunder and Deceit’: A flashing red light for America's rising generation.: Jeffrey Lord
Signs of the Apocalypse: For all the lonely giraffes out there: American Digest
The MOTUS 2016 GOP Presidential Brackets: MOTUS

QOTD: "...in this current Republican field, if Scott Walker's the nominee, I'm gonna as enthusiastic as I've ever been.

If Carly Fiorina's on the ticket, I would be as enthusiastic as I've ever been. If Cruz is somehow involved... I mean, there are reasons to be hopeful here. I know it's close, in terms of getting to the point of no return, but even that is a bit extreme because we've been more divided and more partisan. The Civil War. We're not nearly there yet, and we came out of that. We came out of Great Depression.

So, the great concern is for your kids and grandkids and what kind of country are they gonna grow up in. Will it be free? Will they be free? Will they be free to be the best they can be and use all the talents that they have? You know, time will tell on this, but I don't think any defeat is permanent. And at some point this current crop of Republicans is going to be gone for a whole host of predictable reasons.

But, having said all that, I'm not gonna try to talk you out of what you said. If you want to sit out if Trump's not the nominee, have at it. I'm not gonna do that. I couldn't. I can't envision a point where I say, "It's worth giving up the fight." It's worth too much. And I know that cyclical, generational change happens." --Rush Limbaugh


Barry Popik said...


Obama summons a comedian to the White House? Jon Stewart's show will be ending next week. Stewart has been cruising on the same shtick (attack Fox News, defend Obama) for years. When Trevor Noah takes over, I anticipate that ratings will be way down. The days of Stewart and Colbert on Comedy Central are over.

Comedy is supposed to tell the truth to power, not suck up to it.

Anonymous said...

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