Monday, July 13, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: How the Obama Administration Gutted Illegal Immigration Detainers

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How the Obama Administration Gutted Illegal Immigration Detainers: John Hinderaker
Sanctuary Cities Make Nice Cartel Hubs: Sara Noble
Illegal Aliens Murder at a Much Higher Rate Than US Citizens Do: Randall Hoven

Last Stand of the Old White Males: Mark Steyn
“Pockets of Resistance” growing and spreading: Ann Corcoran
16 Facts on Illegal Immigration That Should Shut the Mouth of Any Progressive: GJWHG

On Trump, Howard Beale, The ‘Pragmatists’, And The Remnant: Camp o' the Saints
Success Beyond His Wildest Dreams: Mission Accomplished: William Pollack
Bottom Feeder Lindsey Graham Bemoans Donald Trump’s Popularity: Donn Marten

The Intriguing Bid of Scott Walker: Erick Erickson
Jim Webb: Democrats Have Moved Way Far to the Left; It's Not My Party: Jim Hoft
Bernie Sanders 'political revolution': Joelle Fishman, Communist Party USA

HILLARY: I’m Coming For Your Guns: Bob Owens
Hillary Clinton blames Bush for her rapacious speech giving: RS
NY suspends background checks on ammunition purchases: Jazz Shaw


The Deal is Done: Noah Rothman
Iran State Media: Nuclear Agreement Meets All Khamenei’s Demands: Algemeiner
The World Stayed Silent: Clarion


The GOP Has A Much Bigger Problem Than Donald Trump: Scott Greer
State Fiscal Rankings: Implications for Public Policy and 2016 Presidential Race: Daniel J. Mitchell
I walked its streets: The tragedy of Detroit: John Ruberry

Scandal Central

Republicans Have Needlessly Undermined their Ability to Resist the Iran Deal: Andrew C. McCarthy
Great Moments in Masochistic Government Incompetence: Daniel J. Mitchell
NJ Democrat Official LeRoy Jones Punches Blind 75-Year-Old Veteran in the Face: MB

OPM hack shows what happens when governments get too big: Taylor Millard
Why Republicans Lose: Derek Hunter
Watchdog Slams C-SPAN for Allowing Uncontested Antisemitic, Anti-Israel Rants by Callers: Algemeiner

Climate & Energy

Sixteen Attorneys General File Suit to Block EPA Waters Rule: LI


Ted Cruz vs. The New York Times: John Hinderaker
Elitist Snob Writer Mocks Trump Supporters as Being in Need of an Intervention: DownTrend
When Dimwits Battle: ‘Media Matters’ Moron Attacks ‘Think Progress’ Pendejo: Sooper

New DOJ Statistics on Race and Violent Crime: Jared Taylor
SICK=> Woman Posts Selfie in Front of Black-on-Black Man-Rape: Kristinn Taylor
Gov. Bobby Jindal Defends His Record Against A Hostile Bret Baier: C4P

NYT's Hypocritical Egan Rants on Trump, Cruz, GOP Pursuing 'Immigrant-Hatred Vote': Clay Waters
Chaos in Chicago: Colin Flaherty
HarperCollins vs. the New York Times: Joe Cunningham


Niqabs and Burqas as Security Threats: Daniel Pipes
Burka-clad male suicide bomber strikes in Chad capital: Caleb Weiss
Qatar Extends $88,000 Monthly to PR Firm to Clean Up Image in US: Kevin McCauley

Europe's Great Migration Crisis: Soeren Kern
Germany doesn’t want to save Greece. It seems to want to humiliate Greece.: Matt O'Brien
Greece asks for $83B in loans to reopen banks: Michael Gray

Jewish Voice for Peace – “Jew Washing” the anti-Israel movement: Miriam Elman
Connecting the Dots Between Greek Crisis, Argentina — and the 'Shylock' Canard: J.J. Goldberg
The Truth About Srebrenica: The XX Committee

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

3D-Printed Robot Jumps To Six Times Its Height: Lulu Chang
Bugatti’s $2.5 Million Vitesse Zooms to 233 MPH: Bloomberg
Incredible photos of some of the 150 U.S. WWII aircraft lying in the Airplane Graveyard in the Pacific: Aviationist


Sabo’s Been Work’in Overtime: iOTWreport
Telegram that riled Hitler in final days sells at auction: John Johnson, Newser
Right Wing News Survey: If you had to vote today — Donald Trump or Jeb Bush?: RWN

Image: Iran nuclear deal edges closer but success still not guaranteed
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QOTD: "When someone with a credible death threat against them has to wait for months before they can carry legally and defend themselves with their jacket on, that says it is not working." --Eric Brakey

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