Saturday, July 04, 2015

PSSST, TREY GOWDY: Try This One Weird Trick to Retrieve More of Hillary’s Hidden Emails

Hillary Clinton likes hardcopies. She routinely instructed her assistants -- from Huma Abedin, to Cheryl Mills, and Lauren Jiloty -- to keep printed versions of important emails.

Subpoena each and every one of those printed emails from those parties. And then monitor their home power bills to see if the shredders get fired up.

I'll believe Gowdy's investigation is serious when every DOJ official complicit in stonewalling and failing to prosecute obvious criminal activities is hauled in front of Congress and held in Contempt of Congress if they continue their obstruction of legitimate Congressional investigations.

But I'm not holding my breath.

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Redwine said...

I agree. Gowdy is turning out to be all hat, no cattle.
Massive disappointmenr.

Anonymous said...

Gowdy was supposed to be the Great White Hope, come to save us all.
Are they blackmailing him, too?

Anonymous said...

I dont know about Gowdy being blackmailed, but there is no doubt the repubic leadership has their reins on him.

They would love to drag this out as close to the '16 election as they can. Especially since none of them have the orbs to do anything to anyone even remotely associated with the regime.

We should just commission Judicial Watch for the job, since they've uncovered almost everything significant to date.


Anonymous said...

Tom Fitton for Attorney General!