Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Today’s Hillarious Hillary Highlights

Collected from the real-time news portal you may know as BadBlue News. You're welcome, America.

Data point 1:

Uh-Oh: Hillary Losing White Women.. and Every Other Demographic

The Wall Street Journal is sounding the alarm for Team Hillary after the results of a new WSJ/NBC News poll show her losing white women voters and, well, basically every other demographic...

But WSJ notes that that's not the only "worrisome trend" for the Democratic presidential frontrunner. She's also lost many Independents, whose opinion of her has plummeted from an "evenly split" perception earlier this year to now being underwater 27/52. The opinion of Clinton among African-Americans also dropped in the last few months, falling from 81/3 to 66/15.
Data point 2:

NBC Poll: Clinton’s Favorability Rating Worse Than Barack Obama Ever Had

NBC’s Chuck Todd reported Tuesday on Hillary Clinton having a worse favorability rating than President Obama ever had in a new NBC / Wall Street Journal poll, a bad sign for her as the election season heats up and potential spoiler Joe Biden considers entering the Democratic race.

Clinton stands at 37 percent favorability against 48 percent unfavorable, poorer numbers than Obama has ever notched during his up-and-down [Ed: i.e., SCOAMF] presidency...
Data-point 3:

Uninvited Visitors Shut Out of Hillary Clinton Campus Speech

Hillary Clinton staffers denied entrance to a group of millennials who sought to gain admittance to her speech Friday at Florida International University ...It’s just the latest example showing how the Clinton camp keeps a tight clamp on who may access her public appearances on the campaign trail.

When Clinton visited Dartmouth College in early July, her staff did not let College Republicans stand near the podium. In April, what was billed as a chance for Clinton to interact with everyday people in an Iowa coffeehouse instead turned out to be staged to the last detail, including staffers getting Democratic activists to act as regular customers.
At this rate, George McGovern may jump in the field.

With all due respect, of course.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.

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