Monday, September 07, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's Legacy: Middle East in Chaos, a Nuclear Iran, and Europe Flooded With Muslims

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Obama's Legacy: Middle East in Chaos, a Nuclear Iran, and Europe Flooded With Muslims: Karin McQuillan
Retired Four-Star Generals: Deal Won’t Stop Iran from Nuclear Breakout: The Tower
Reports: Last Year’s ISIS Terrorists are This Year’s Mid-East Refugees: Treehouse

Every time you see a Wounded Warrior ad, please remember this: Flopping Aces
The very model of a modern pro-Israel Democrat: Richard Baehr
What the Next President Will Face: Hugh Hewitt

Nuclear Jihad: Denis MacEoin
The Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton: Cancel the Wedding?: William Kristol
Martin O'Malley to protest at DNC over Hillary-sheltering debate schedule: Ben Bullard

Trump Extending Lead In NH: Kasich Replaces Imploding Bush For GOPe: Treehouse
Not Bad For a Vanglorious, Buffoonish Clown, Eh…?: Bill Quick
#BlackLivesMatter's agenda is costing black lives: Michael Barone


On Labor Day, consider the injustice of forced union dues: Mark Mix
How Democrats Created America's Social Caste System: Michael Bargo, Jr.
No budget? Then no pay, Pennsylvania senator says: Andrew Staub

Scandal Central

Hacker Removes Hillary’s UNRELEASED Emails From Sale, Turns Over To FBI: Radar
NC Election Rule Fight: Obama Will Stop at Nothing to Rig Elections: J. Christian Adams
Vile, Anti-Police Graffiti Calling for Violence Against Cops Is Spreading Across Texas: RWN


Sunday Talking head shows – the refugee “crisis”: Granite Grok
What if Kim Davis Was Muslim?: Duane Lester
The NFL Contributed To The Killings Of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, According To Lib On NPR: Dylan Gwinn

Police Officials on Fox Slam #BlackLivesMatter Tactics, Media ‘Propaganda War’: Josh Feldman
Brokaw: Clinton’s Recklessness With Server ‘Stunning,’ ‘Astonishes Me’: David Rutz
Ted Cruz’s preparations in the South could pay off: Todd J. Gillman

Fake Republican Colin Powell Gives an Outrageous Performance on Meet the Press: Sara Noble
NBC Poll: Donald Trump Dominates, Jeb Bush Implodes: Katie McHugh
Why A Trump Candidacy Doesn’t Bother Me: RS


Global Anti-Semitism Now Has a Leader: Ben Cohen
'Unaccountable Millions' Of Migrants Heading To Europe Warns Hungary PM: Simon Kent
Elderly Holocaust Survivors Brutally Beaten and Robbed By Arabs in Holland: Jim Hoft

Post-Country Greece: The Z Man
Liberals Try to Feed Muslim Immigrants: Liberty News
The Power of the Fist is What Matters: Baron Bodissey

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

From Strike Zones to Dead Zones: AT&T’s Paula Doublin on Connecting America’s Ballparks: Ina Fried
Zomato raises $60M and launches a white-label service to help restaurants go online: Paul Sawers
Drone Drop-Offs at Your Door Won't Happen until the FAA Delivers: Annie Sneed


Inside the Living Hell that is Gaza and its Malls and Hotels: Danield Greenfield
Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird it’s a drone! Its Stealth Girl!: MOTUS
Evil Google waiting on line one?: Robert X. Cringely

Image: Ted Cruz’s preparations in the South could pay off
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ReadyForLiberty: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "President Obama’s legacy to America: a Middle East in chaos, radical Islam ascendant, a nuclear Iran with a $150 billion dollar terror fund, Israel demonized as a warmonger, Europe flooded with Muslims. This Iran Deal is so bad, so dangerous, so traitorous, it is hard to believe. That is one reason the Democrats can get away with it. Their loyal voters assume their party leaders and beloved first black President would not do something this traitorous.

Have no doubt this “deal” is a national security disaster. In an unprecedented move, motived by alarm and a sense of their responsibility, 245 (and the number is growing daily) retired generals and admirals, including the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Clinton and the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO during the Gulf War, have written a stiff letter that was hand delivered to every member of Congress.

Their message to Congress: kill the Iran Deal." --y Karin McQuillan

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Anonymous said...

Obama has ruined USA for future generations .. while useless RINO Congress leadership has stood silently and gave Obama anything he wanted .. even after the 2014 Landslide election Republicans were lying again to American voters

No more GOP elite lies .. Trump 2016