Sunday, September 06, 2015


Offered by our year around summer intern, @BiffSpackle:

In all seriousness, I contend that this would make a great movie.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Groman said...

Something no one seems to have put together is that since Lois Lerner, John Holdren and several other members of the Obama administration have all had private e-mail accounts and have conducted official business through those accounts, perhaps the administration is throwing Hillary under the bus not only because of the animosity between the Clinton and Obama factions but also to distract veryone from the thing that is staring them in the face. This entire administration is conducting official government business while hiding that business from any oversight. Granted, not everyone has a private server in their home and its backup in a bathroom halfway across the country but still the most transparent administration in history has some 'splaining to do.

Anonymous said...

Server this .... server that. Polls/points this ... Bernie Sanders that. Oh'rangerie vestments this .... cable TV garb that.

Feathers on a string.

Hildabeast ran her very own personal, secret shadow government.

Lois Lerner, same.

Eric Holder, same.

All under King Pigsh*t's direction. Direct control.

Boehner, McConnell ... same [without the White House (but in their interest!), or "servers." Or the St Dept. (but still against the Citizens, of these United States)].

The Country No Longer Exists.

We have one chance left, and one only.

And it expires, IN THE NEXT TEN DAYS.

How it turns out?

I'll never recover, from having my heart, ripped from out my chest.

This IS real. And it IS happening.

But I'm pretty sure, Rush will aprise us, of the latest condition, of Brady's balls. At the open, of his next broadcast (I assume he has the day/today off).