Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Larwyn’s Linx: Hillary Clinton Put Spies’ Lives at Risk

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Hillary Clinton Put Spies’ Lives at Risk: John R. Schindler
Behind Closed Doors, Media and Government Buzzing about Hillary’s Emails: Jon Gabriel
That ever changing Clinton email defense may be running out of excuses: Bruce McQuain

Hawkeye Humiliation: Cruz Crushes Cartel: Daniel Horowitz
Cruz, Rubio Over-Perform on Caucus Night: Reid Wilson
Don­ald Trump leav­es Iowa with a whim­per: Josh Kraushaar

Sanders: Iowa has begun a 'political revolution': Philip Klein
The Return of the Middle American Radical: John B. Judis
How Clinton is plotting to go after Trump: Glenn Thrush

Give 'Em a Few More Days, And Everyone Will "Know" That Rubio Won Iowa: Ace
The RNC Shoots Itself in the Foot (Again): Daniel Larison
Dear American Muslims, Can We Have An Honest Talk?: John Hawkins

Trump's Answer About His Past Devotion To Universal Healthcare Is Unsettling: Red Dawn
Jeb Spends $2,884 Per Iowa Vote: Daniel Halper
Donations to Jeb Bush's Super PAC Dry Up: RightPundit


National debt hits $19 trillion: Pete Kasperowicz
25% of Feds Would Consider Leaving Their Jobs if Trump Becomes President: Eric Katz
Obama Partners w/Outsourcing Corps Taking US Jobs: Daniel Greenfield

Scandal Central

Hillary’s Email Scandal Envelops the Intelligence Agencies: Jed Babbin
Three Big Unanswered Questions About Hillary Clinton's Emails: Mark Hemingway
Hedge Fund Billionaires And Untraceable Money Fill Rubio Super PAC Coffers: Paul Blumenthal

Climate & Energy

Ted and Trump Take Different Tracks on Ethanol: Maria Noon


Breitbart News: The conservative outlet is taking swings at all of Donald Trump’s opponents: Callum Borchers
The Fundamental Rules of Politics Still Apply: Erick Erickson
Is Donald Trump #Winning, Charlie Sheen Style? We're About To Find Out.: Ben Shapiro

What "Anti-Establishment" Trump Has Said About Pelosi, Reid, Hillary, Schumer, and Obama: Ben Shapiro
Can We Shoot All the Pollsters Now?: Erick Erickson
Iowa Rejects Donald Trump’s Politics of Jackassery By 75%: Erick Erickson

Ted Cruz top Google search for how to caucus for Iowa: FAM
The United States of Trump: Cal Thomas
2016's first loser: Trump's unsophisticated, shoe-string campaign catches up with him: Politico


You Won't Believe What's Happened Since Friday...: Clarion
Terror Suspect Was Placed in Charge of Hillary’s Security During Libya Visit: MB
Israel lifts post-attack restrictions on access to Ramallah: DailyMail

Refugees 'will cost Germany €50bn by 2017': EUobserver
Here’s How This Bus Driver Handled a Young Refugee Punk: “Kept Beating Him Senseless”: Mac Slavo
Bearded infidels in the EU capital: Nikolaj Nielsen

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Big Data on the Beat: Predictive policing has arrived.: David Black
16 Vehicles of the Special Operations Forces: Tactical Life
9mm vs. .40 Caliber: Sydney Vail, M.D.


Sixty Percent Unfavorable Rate = Trump Not Electable: MB
What Hillary Just Said on Camera Could Cost Her the Election: RWN
MOTUS’ Handy Hawkeye Cauci Guide: I’d Caucus For That Guy Even If: MOTUS

Image: Ted Cruz Wins Republican Caucus
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ConstitutionMan: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "From my re­port­ing in the fi­nal week of the cam­paign, the signs of Trump fa­tigue were all over. A rally in Coun­cil Bluffs on Sunday hardly filled the middle school gym­nas­i­um, and drew out-of-state gawkers, mem­or­ab­il­ia seekers, and Iowa voters who were there just to see the spec­tacle. His lead­ing sur­rog­ate, Sarah Pal­in, was re­ceived with si­lence in in­tro­du­cing him Monday in Ce­dar Rap­ids. Empty seats con­tin­ued at his events. He not­ably de­clined to pre­dict vic­tory on Monday’s morn­ing shows.

It was clear that the pub­lic’s ob­ses­sion with polls had ob­scured cent­ral real­it­ies about the tra­ject­ory of the race. Cruz had a well-or­gan­ized ma­chine that was far more valu­able than the hype man­u­fac­tured by Trump. Ru­bio’s as­pir­a­tion­al mes­sage caught on late, as his crowds got big­ger and his sup­port inched up­wards. Trump’s sup­port­ers were ideo­lo­gic­ally all over the map, and many of his col­lege-edu­cated back­ers de­fec­ted to Ru­bio at the last minute. (En­trance polls showed Ru­bio was seen as the most elect­able Re­pub­lic­an, con­trary to all the me­dia polls show­ing Trump with that ad­vant­age.)

Even with Trump’s de­feat, this is now a true three-can­did­ate race. Cruz has ce­men­ted his stand­ing as the can­did­ate backed by the con­ser­vat­ive grass­roots—which should hold him in good stead for a long while. His or­gan­iz­a­tion was the best in the state. He’s now hop­ing to beat ex­pect­a­tions, and more im­port­antly, fo­cus his at­ten­tion on South Car­o­lina, where evan­gel­ic­als play an even lar­ger role in the state’s polit­ics than in Iowa." --Josh Kraushaar

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Well, it's plain enough that the .40S&W is on the way out. The fbi has returned to the 9mm because there is better bullet construction now. I suspect that's what they murdered Finicum with... but that video is also a good example of effective shot placement.
From the sporting world, it is the varmints that eat crops who complain most about the Farmers being "over gunned". http://velocity-films.com/