Thursday, December 04, 2008

Deep Thoughts by Bill Ayers

Headline: New York Times launches 'Alternative' Version of Home Page (Editor and Publisher): They screen-scrape the Fox News site and report what's really going on.

• Headline: British Balance Benefit vs. Cost of Latest Drugs (New York Times): "Universal" health care inevitably translates to one immutable fact: rationed heath care, with the government deciding who lives and who dies. In the U.S. you may go bankrupt while your life is saved; in the U.K. you'll die but receive no bill for your troubles.

• Headline: Detroit: Chapter 11 finally on the table (BloggingStocks): Only fifteen years too late.

• Headline: Stop Income Tax for Two Months (Newt Gingrich at Human Events): Ridiculous. Certainly the government can perform effective centralized planning of the economy by re-swizzling hundreds of billions of dollars using the same model that delivered Social Security, Medicare, "Great Society", and Fannie Mae.

• Headline: The Pelosi Record (Wall Street Journal). Executive Summary: Pelosi promised the Best Congress Ever and delivered the worst. By far. She appears, for all intents and purposes, to be the first moron ever named Speaker of the House.

• Headline: Global Warming Myth Explodes, Killing CNN and NBC (Patriot Room): CNN and NBC lay off scores of global warming climate change specialists. In related news, Encyclopedia Brittanica laid off its door-to-door salesmen.

• Headline: Egyptian Cleric to Obama: Convert to Islam: (LGF): The engraved invitation is in the mail. Just be careful opening the envelope.

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