Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Pelosi Congress: Before and After

Behold the economic transformation...

$165 Billion: Budget deficit, fiscal 2007
$1000 Billion: Budget deficit, fiscal 2009 (estimated)

4.5%: Unemployment rate: November 2006
6.7%: Unemployment rate: Today.

$50 Trillion: Net worth of the United States, November 2006
$44 Trillion: Net worth of the United States: Today.

12,157: Dow, November 2006
 8,600: Dow, Today.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Democratic-controlled Congress have been a total, unmitigated disaster for Americans. Worst. Congress. Ever.

Based on: The Pelosi Record (WSJ). Linked by: Gateway Pundit, Conservative Grapevine, Right Wing Sparkle and SondraK. Thanks!

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