Monday, December 01, 2008

Six Easy Steps to President Hillary in 2012

Step 1: Hillary accepts the Secretary of State position offered by President-Elect Obama.

Step 2: New York Governor David A. Paterson names Bill Clinton as Senator from New York, filling Hillary's seat. This keeps the Governorship safe for Paterson as those infighting for the position can't assert that they are more qualified or more experienced than the former President.

Step 3: After several Obama policy blunders and disputes, Hillary publicly and vociferously disagrees with the President. Hillary proves her point and reinforces her strong ethical backbone by resigning her "powerful" Cabinet position.

Step 4: While Bill Clinton retains his Senate seat and does his best to undermine Obama's agenda, Hillary takes a very visible role with a think-tank and is a regular guest on every network and cable news outlet (including Fox News). She spends all of her time picking Obama and his Congressional supporters to pieces. A few Clintonistas resign in solidarity but most remain to continue undermining the Lightworker from the inside.

Step 5: As the economy continues to melt down, Obama's ties to ACORN, subprime mortgages, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the like are exposed by Hillary's friends in the mainstream media. Obama is, quite publicly, blamed for much of the mess and his ineffectual stewardship of the economy (card check, mass unionization, carbon caps, lack of drilling) is pilloried by the Clintonistas, the Blue Dogs and the GOP.

Step 6: All of this occurs before the Midterm elections. In 2010, the GOP enjoys big gains in the Senate, swinging six seats, and regaining control. Hillary announces that she must run to save the party in 2011. After ripping the DNC to shreds over the much-abused Caucus process, the Clinton machine is able to methodically dismantle the Obama camp piece by piece.

Voila! Hillary Clinton is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States in January 2013! Oh, and Bill is back in power, too!

Original Idea: Larwyn (interesting thought process, eh?). Linked by: American Digest and Dustbury ("Machiavelli was seen taking notes"). Thanks!

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