Monday, January 26, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: "$223,000 to create a single job"

Who will bail out the Fed?: Right Coast
Ruling by a radical: Spectator
Time to put a hold on Holder: The Astute Bloggers

Obama bails out ACORN with billions: Gateway Pundit
What Obama's agenda means for America: David A. Patten
Obama calls on GOP to renounce Rush: Radio Equalizer

The Explanation (first segment of podcast): Mark Levin Show
Is Wilders' film hate speech?: Aish
Editorial "congratulates" America for Obama victory: Vocal Minority

Rangel ethics panel 'virtually disbanded': Jammie Wearing Fool
Britain's NHS: a National Disgrace: Pajamas Media (K. T. Dodge)
Last Hurrah of the Warmists: EU Referendum

Snow hits UAE for second time in recorded history: Gateway Pundit
Despite hot air, Antarctic is not warming: Telegraph (UK)
'Snowfall in the area was so unheard of the local dialect does not even have a word for it.': SondraK

Conformity's seduction: Oh, yes, yes, yessssssss, we can!: Mark Steyn
UN: Yeah, I Guess it sucks that we've been helping Hamas shell Israeli civilians for eight years: Mere Rhetoric
Swat Taliban summon government officials to sharia courts: Long War Journal

The First Test: David Brooks

This $825 billion bill has to be passed within weeks. There’s no time for fundamental rethinking or new approaches. Instead, there’s a sloppy profusion of 152 different appropriations — off-the-shelf ideas that mostly create costlier versions of the status quo.

The committee staff took the kernel of President Obama’s vision — infrastructure programs to create jobs — and surrounded it with an undisciplined sprawl of health, education, entitlement and other spending. There’s money for nurse training, Medicare, Head Start, boatyard support, home weatherization and so on. Eleven of the programs in the bill account for the vast majority of the actual job creation. The rest may be worthy or not, but they have little to do with stimulus. The total package is so diffuse, it costs $223,000 to create a single job.

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