Sunday, January 18, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: "Wish him failure"

Obama's ethics problems: Wizbang
The Flimflam of the Fallacious Fairness Doctrine: Age of Pericles
Our permanent state of routine emergency: Mark Steyn

The New President of Lego-Land: Jammie Wearing Fool
Bush already being vindicated: Washington Post (Charles Krauthammer)
Obama's dangerous BlackBerry obsession: Clark County Politics

Health Care Reform Survey Proves a Point: Emergency Physician's Monthly
NYC Schools "Educating" Kids to Protest for Hamas: Evil Conservative Radio
BBC Breaking News: Are We Lumberjacks?

Making Work, Destroying Wealth: Cato @ Liberty
McClatchy placed on bankruptcy watch: McClatch Watch
Chedder gets chedda: Country Store

Angry Mom crashes Hamas Pity Party: Vicious Babushka
Another blow against Internet anonymity?: Philosecurity
CIA-Trained Geese Bring Down Plane in New York: People's Cube

American Democracy, R.I.P.: Mitchell Langbert
Zimbabwe is dying: Prairie Pundit
Our future: Socialist utopia of Zimbabwe introduces 100-trillion dollar note: Daily Nation (Kenya)

Obama's own personal FEMA? Okay, this is getting creepy.: Campaign Spot (Jim Geraghty)
Global warming: it don't add up!: Planet Gore (Marlo Lewis)
Single Mothers and Coulter's 'Venomous Tone': American Thinker (Ben-Peter Terpstra)

If Leon Panetta Were A Republican’s Pick To Head The CIA, And This Was His Daughter...: Pat Dollard
To my Arab brothers: The War with Israel Is Over — and they won. Now let's finally move forward: Youssef Ibrahim
The warmaholics' fantasy: The Australian:

THE warmaholics are fond of using the phrase "official records going back to 1850", but the simple facts are that prior to the 1970s, surface-based temperatures from a few indiscriminate, mostly backyard locations in Europe and the US are fatally corrupted and not in any sense a real record... They are then further doctored by a secret algorithm to account for heat-island effects. Reconstructions such as the infamously fraudulent "hockey stick" are similarly unreliable.

The only precise and reliable temperature recording started with satellite measurements in the 1970s. They show minuscule warming, all in the northern hemisphere, which not only stopped in 2000 but had completely reversed by 2008...

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