Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Spending like drunken liberals

Succinct: Paul Krugman is a lying a****le: Ace o' Spades
The Great Unifier attacks Rush: EIB
Fools Rush In: Jules Crittenden

Ob Ed: Soccer Dad
Stand Tall: Don Surber
Drunken Liberal Spending Bill: Gateway Pundit

200 economists call Obama a liar in full-page ads: Cato
Ya'alon: No more retreats: Arutz Sheva
Change: two more Putin critics take bullets to their heads: WaPo

Egyptian TV cleric prays for another Holocaust: LGF
Israel tells UN to shove it's war crime accusations: STACLU
The complete guide to UNRWA: Elder of Ziyon

Does Foreign Aid Fuel Palestinian Violence?: Middle East Quarterly
Ten things Hollywood can do to save the planet: Big Hollywood
Crash Course Chapter 15: Bubbles: Chris Martenson

Fun with Timothy Geithner: OTB
Obama nominee: Taxpayer-funded abortion is a free speech right: Michelle Malkin
Obama already pushing to ban 'assault' weapons: ECR

Faked Antarctic data another "honest mistake"?: Flopping Aces
The Ten: GM's Place
Obama's first week: 153 dead; media silent: Flopping Aces

Iran close to nuclear weapon; US looking forward to discussing it with them: Ace o' Spades
Low-level employee rips off Oak Ridge: American Thinker (Thomas Lifson)
Thrift store has good deal on MP3 player , US secrets: Prairie Pundit