Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Copernicus, Einstein, Newton and Gore

In a Baltimore Sun letter to the editor, Dr. Mark Campbell, a professor of chemistry at the U.S. Naval Academy, offered a stunning comparison.

According to the editorial "A New Year's resolution" (Jan. 2), tens of thousands of scientists like me are "flat-earth types."

I guess my doctorate in chemical physics from Johns Hopkins doesn't give me nearly the qualifications to analyze the science associated with the global climate as an editor with an agenda.

If we are going to stoop to name-calling, an appropriate name for people with the view The Baltimore Sun endorses could be "Chicken Littles." But instead of claiming that the sky is falling, they claim the sky is burning.

The editorial claims that there is a consensus among scientists that man-made carbon dioxide is causing global climate change; however, consensus in science is an oxymoron. From Galileo to Einstein, one scientist with proof is more convincing than thousands of other scientists who believe something to be true.

And I don't even grant that there is a consensus among scientists; it's just that the press only promotes the global warming alarmists and ignores or minimizes those of us who are skeptical. To many of us, there is no convincing evidence that carbon dioxide produced by humans has any influence on the Earth's climate.

Arguing that our country should decrease its use of fossil fuels is a laudable goal, but the reason to do so should be to reduce our reliance on energy from foreign sources, not to reduce the danger from some imaginary boogeyman.

The sky is not burning, and to claim that it is amounts to journalistic malpractice.

Al Gore, who refuses to debate because the "science is settled", was unavailable for comment.

Update: Lou Dobbs and CNN cover global cooling and the global warming grifters.

Via Marc, who adds just a couple of links for the global warming bunko scam artists:

It is growing nearly impossible to keep up with the numerous studies and developments refuting man-made warming fears and the growing number of scientists publicly dissenting. See this small sampling of very recent inconvenient climate studies and real world developments: Sunspots have been predicting major cooling since 2000 - New paper: Sunspot data vital clue to climate change - ‘Record levels’ of Co2 unable to stop record cold! - Pravda: Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age - 'Earth's average temperature showed no detectable warming from December 1978 until the 1997 El Nino' - - Report: Cause of warming solved? Clinton/Gore administration saw temps soar! J (great chart) - Another Dissenter: 'AGW theory has spectacularly failed!' (Frank Tipler, the distinguished mathematical physicist at Tulane University) - Climate models are no more intelligent than the dishwasher in the kitchen, claims South African professor Will Alexander - Greenland ice melt 'may only be a temporary phenomenon' - Ice Core Sites In Greenland Show Snow Levels Rising - Polar Sea Ice Changes are Having a Net Cooling Effect on the Climate - Gaia Hypothesis called 'fairy-tale' – Scientist says 'Natural world is a doomsday device careening from one cataclysm to another' -- 'Earth needs humans to save it! - Pielke Jr.  on peer-review: 'Many studies get far more rigorous peer review on blogs after publication than in journals' - Analysis: The UN IPCC Numbers Game: 4000 scientists = 60 scientistsStudy finds Sea Level Rise Slows by 20% - Lower than IPCC Estimates! - 'No evidence for accelerated sea-level rise' says Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute - Defying Predictions, Sea Level Rise Begins to Slow - MIT & Northwestern U. Study find: Climate Change Wouldn't hurt America's Economy - NCDC: the U.S. cool down by 0.49 °F per decade - 2008 will be coolest year of the decade globally! - Falsifying the Global Warming Hypothesis The global tropical cyclone season of 2008: below average - Canada's forests, once huge help on greenhouse gases, now contribute to climate change - Global Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979 - Claim: 'Right-wing propaganda machine' winning - Setbacks in the Fight Against Global Warming - Reality Check: Politically Left Scientists Now Rejecting Climate Fears - Indians don't believe in global warming! - 'Global warming is natural, enjoy it' Declares Indian Geologist'Global cooling will lead to our extinction' - NASA Moonwalker Joins Climate Skeptics Despite Gore's Claim Skeptics Believe Moon Landing was 'Staged' - Small sampling of recent global cold - January Snow-cover Again Highest Since 1967, Running Ahead of 2008 - No Joke: Air America alarmist Thom Hartmann claims cold evidence of warming! (Audio clip) - Another Dissenter: Meteorologist says CO2 not 'dragging temps up' - Predicts Global COOLING - Atmosphere Scientist Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. slaps down UK Met Office - Professor laments climate 'hype' --concedes she is ' increasingly ill at ease about the debate - Singer: Bias in IPCC Reports Exposed by Atmospheric Scientist Dr. Fred Singer - Climate-change alarmism runs into a reality check - Claims of impending marine species extinctions due to CO2 Warming Refuted by real-world evidence - Princeton professor fired by Gore says warming fear promotion ‘has turned into a cult' - U.S. Senate Minority report of over 650 (and growing) dissenting international scientists

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