Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Larywn's Link Kerplosion: CNN's video fraud

Best of CES: CNet
Pretty talk and ugly realities: Thomas Sowell
Got public health?: Detroit Receiving

'Hammer and Sickle' Thinkers: Bob McCarty
Hamas leaders cower in hospital built by Israel: LGF
61 Gitmo grads returned to terror: Gateway Pundit

Blogger uncovers possible CNN video fraud: INN
Ten things Bush got right: Weekly Standard (Fred Barnes)
Difference between Hamas and Israel:
Real Clear Politics

Hamas is responsible: Commentary (Michael J. Totten)
The end of the Internet as we know it: Pajamas Media (Tom Hayes)
First Zune freezes, now WMP12 beta can corrupt your MP3s: Ars Technica

Hamas prefers war as an alternative to progress: National Post (Sami Alrabaa):

...We Arabs have learned nothing from the two major disastrous wars against Israel. Some of us still believe that the Israelis understand only the language of defiance and violence. Violence is the only “argument” we possess. Rational, realistic thinking has never been a part of our discourse and action.

Especially Islamists, they rejoice at the on-going maiming and killing in Gaza, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. None of those Hamas-sympathizers has ever condemned the atrocities inflicted upon innocent people, arbitrarily killed in these countries by suicide bombers in the name Islam...

...According to a clandestine survey by Bielefeld University conducted in Syria and Egypt (2006), over 70% of the population in these countries want peace with Israel. They are “sick and tired”, as many put it, of the belligerent discourse of the Islamists and the biased and instigatory propaganda of their national media. They, of course, don’t dare say that openly...

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