Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The progressive utopia of California wants other states to bail it out? No taxation without representation!

I'll repeat: No taxation without representation!

Here's the postcard I'm sending to Governor Jerkinator.

John Lott asks "Whose money is it, anyway?"

"[Aid for California] has long been a priority" for Speaker Nancy Pelosi... Of course, with her home state of California facing a $15 billion deficit this year and a $27 billion deficit next year, her position is understandable. But why should Americans in states that have managed their finances relatively well bail out Californians?

Over the last four years California’s budget grew from $105 billion to $145 billion. If their budget had simply grown only fast enough to offset inflation (10.3%) and the growth in population (4.65%), the current budget deficit would actually be a $9 billion surplus. California could then have used that surplus to more than cover what would have been a few billion dollar deficit next year. Would California really be that badly off if the state government spent as much per Californian after adjusting for inflation as it did in 2004?

Paying for California's mistakes when you're not a Californian?

Isn't that the kind of thing that precipitated the Boston Tea Party?

No bailout for Califailure!

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