Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Partisan disgrace Pelosi flips off 9/11 Commission's recommendations, compromises Homeland Security

Kenneth Timmerman writes:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision this week to pack the House intelligence committee with Democrats — despite a clear recommendation from the 9/11 commission to keep politics out of intelligence matters — has roiled Republicans.

Concerned by reports of the “politicization” of intelligence, the 9/11 commission recommended in July 2004 that the House and Senate intelligence committees be almost evenly balanced, regardless of the number of Republicans and Democrats in Congress... “The majority party’s representation on this committee should never exceed the minority’s representation by more than one,” the final report of the 9/11 Commission states on page 421...

... “Going to 13-8,” the new ratio in the House intelligence committee Pelosi announced on Tuesday, “means that she views the Intel committee the same way she views the Rules committee,” which she is ruling “with an iron fist,” [HPSCI ranking member, Rep. Pete] Hoekstra [said]... Hoekstra was careful to contrast Pelosi’s attitude with the treatment he and other Republicans have received so far from president-elect Obama and the transition team.

Let's see...

a) Closing Gitmo and returning terrorists to the battlefield... check.

b) Ending terrorist surveillance... check.

c) Terminating "don't ask, don't tell" in favor of political correctness... check.

d) Politicizing intelligence.. ka-boom!

Hey libs -- heaven forbid, if an American city goes up in flames -- you might want to peel those Obama-Biden stickers off of your cars.

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