Saturday, January 17, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Stimulapalooza

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Fresh clues: Iran's nuclear intrigue: WSJ
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Human sacrifice: National Review (Mona Charen)
Did Ann Coulter go too far?: Ace o' Spades

Terrorists killed my Dad: LA Times (Joseph F. Connor)
Governor issues statement on ANWR legislation: Gov. Palin
IMF told Geithner about taxes: WSJ

Veteran Airman pulls off a rare feat: WSJ
The Dead Baby Strategy: Washington Times
Global Warming Skepticism Panic Attack at Huffington Post: NewsBusters

Here comes gun control!: STACLU
Save Gaza: Bloomberg
Are police taking sides in protests?: Pajamas Media (Mary Madigan)

SLAPP!: Debbie Schlussel
"You can't fire me, I'm drunk!": Reuters
Wave of Hate: The JC

Tax cuts not central planning Politburo: CNet (Declan McCullagh)

The bailout's cost so far has ballooned to $8.5 trillion, not counting the $5.2 trillion in Fannie and Freddie guarantees, although the Treasury should eventually recover some or even much of this amount. If deficit spending were a sure way to stimulate the economy, the Treasury could simply borrow, say, $100 trillion -- and the economic malaise of the last few months would evaporate.

A recent article by Greg Mankiw, a professor of economics at Harvard and former adviser to President Bush, surveys recent research and concludes that each dollar of government spending increases economic activity by only 1.4 dollars, while (according to Obama's top economics adviser) a dollar of tax cuts raises the GDP by about $3. And Tyler Cowen of George Mason University suggests that "we are being asked to spend (untold) hundreds of billion dollars" even though the evidence it will have a positive impact "is inconclusive."

It's about growing government power, not growing the economy, peons.

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