Thursday, January 15, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: The Socialist Climate Czar's conflicting interests

Ayn Rand was right: WSJ
$2.5 trillion -- and counting: Bizzyblog
Change! Obama will stick to Bush Iraq Plan: Red State

Style Guide for Democrat Scandals: ¡No PasarÃn!
Destroying American from Within: Snapped Shot
Ted Strickland's pimp arrested: The Corner

Someone peed in Dowd's Kool-Aid: Dan Riehl
The British called: they want their guns back: YouTube
Helen Thomas: Jews == Nazis: Gateway Pundit

Dear World!: YouTube
Was data "proving" Global Warming massaged?: Landshape
Strategic Collapse at the Army War College: Pajamas Media (Patrick Poole)

Proposed Climate Czar is an out-of-the-closet Socialist!: Washington Times
Proposed Climate Czar could make $$$ from Carbon Trading!: Pirate's Cove
Proposed Treasury pick accepted reimbursement for taxes he didn't pay: National Review (Byron York)

McClatchy indignant at Joe the Plumber's reporting from Israel: McClatchy Watch
Because you cannot read the entire blergywebs as quickly as I can!: Mean ol' Meany
The POR (Pelosi-Obama-Reid) Economy: Pajamas Media (Tom Blumer)

Michelle Obama's 'vital' $300K hospital job quietly eliminated: Joshua Pundit
Leftist thinking: no waterboarding, even to save plane-loads of people: Atlas Shrugs
Palin reacts to Democrat plan to permanently ban drilling in ANWR: Gateway Pundit

History will show that George W. Bush was right: Telegraph:

The decisions taken by Mr Bush in the immediate aftermath of that ghastly moment will be pored over by historians for the rest of our lifetimes. One thing they will doubtless conclude is that the measures he took to lock down America's borders, scrutinise travellers to and from the United States, eavesdrop upon terrorist suspects, work closely with international intelligence agencies and take the war to the enemy has foiled dozens, perhaps scores of would-be murderous attacks on America. There are Americans alive today who would not be if it had not been for the passing of the Patriot Act. There are 3,000 people who would have died in the August 2005 airline conspiracy if it had not been for the superb inter-agency co-operation demanded by Bush after 9/11.

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