Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Let the Looting (of the Treasury) Begin!

Confidence Man: National Review (Rich Lowry)
Spicoli: I'm Not a Stooge For Dictators: Jammie Wearing Fool
All class: Bush family booed at Coronation: Gateway Pundit

The speech Obama should have given: Don Surber
We have paid for Israel's failure: Tim Blair
Pitching AGW to an ignorant crowd: QandO

Tom Brokaw compares Inauguration to 'Velvet Revolution': Newsbusters (Geoffrey Dickens)
Perhaps The Wrong Question: Response39
The new dawn of gaga-eyed idol worship: Jules Crittenden

Michelle wore the Customary B't'arnanth Golden Klingon Ceremonial Battledress: Ace o' Spades
The age of Obama humor: American Thinker (Thomas Lifson)
The words of Inauguration cloud: Charlie Foxtrot

Democrats and their failed efforts at creating "affordable housing?": National Review (Thomas Sowell)
What?!? His middle name is Hussein? I thought that was a trope of the Republican Attack Machine!: James Taranto
Memo to drones: America's enemies remain our enemies: National Review (Mona Charen)

Biggest Boondoggle in American History: Power Line
Fallout: Obama prayer service leader's ties to Hamas: American Thinker (Rick Moran)
The National Prayer Service and the Wahhabi Lobby: American Thinker (Winfield Myers)

Sorry to be a party pooper, but I can't share this swooning Obama hysteria: Melanie Phillips:

People believe that Obama represents a renunciation of an America that throws its weight around the world. And they think it’s that ‘war-mongering’ characteristic, represented in particular by President Bush and the war in Iraq, which has caused so much global trouble and resentment...

I believe that’s a dangerously false analysis which fails to grasp the extent to which western civilisation is under attack from a world-wide enemy that intends to destroy it, and which further fails to distinguish between true aggression and true self-defence.

Like the hydra, the enemy now waging war on the West has many heads - but it is one enemy, and it feeds in particular on the perception that the West is weak and is no longer willing to defend itself by military means...

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