Monday, January 19, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: "It isn't personal. It's business."

The 'Let's Pretend I'm Lincoln' train: Fausta
Not Lincoln, Just Another Copperhead: Gateway Pundit
Death throes of print media: McClatchy Watch

Organizing for America: Patterico
Obama prayer leader linked to Hamas: AP
Israel has huge natural gas find: INN

Why are the media protecting Geithner?: AIM
Why the Israelis have finally had enough: Independent (Ireland)
PalArab press roundup 1/17: Elder of Ziyon

High Road: Jules Crittenden
Where Hamas gets it money: Forbes
Grow up: Don Surber

The spending plan from Hell: Townhall (Amanda Carpenter)
Here they come, folks: Dan Riehl
A pictorial of the Bush record: Flopping Aces

Princeton's William Happer unloads on the anthropogenic global warming charlatans: Power Line
Real Science: Man-Made CO2 Can’t Cause Global Warming: NSWG (Candace Talmadge)
Socialists: No criticism of Hamas allowed: Harry's Place

Carol Browner: the face of Barack Obama's socialism: Northern Thoughts
Video: The Final Moments of a Giant Jew-Eating Rabbit: LGF
The Lies of Gaza: New York Post (Ralph Peters)

Look at the map. How many UN or UN-blessed aid programs have set a population on its feet and then gone home? Victims may die, but aid programs prove immortal. Increasingly, being an aid worker is a lifestyle choice (and the lifestyle can be pretty good)... The aid-worker's mantra is "None of this is your fault, you poor dear. Don't worry about education or going to work, just get in line for free rice. And that nice masked man with the AK is here to help you."

...UN aid officials are sincere in their admiration for Hamas and terrorists in general - but the last thing they want is a thriving Palestinian culture and state in the Middle East. Generations of aid workers and diplomats would be jobless... Wouldn't it be splendid if we could polygraph the entire UN chain of command involved in Gaza? We'd only need to pose a single question: "Have you ever knowingly collaborated with Hamas in support of its goals?"

...Murderous anti-Israel lies and actions abetted by the UN? It isn't personal. It's business.

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