Saturday, January 24, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: "Rush Limbaugh hates America!"

The Golden Age of Bi-Partisanship Beginneth: Hot Air
Lou Dobbs on the 'White Construction Worker': Ms. Underestimated
It's on: Obama singles out Limbaugh: Gateway Pundit

Hate-free speech: IBD
Piston-less engine could yield 100MPG: Israel21
Murtha-funded firms busted: American Thinker

Holocaust survivor warns: Get out of Europe: The Spectator
Should Jews Leave Europe Before its too Late?: YWL
UK: Muslims enter Jewish shops, threaten to kill owners: IBA

Obama's AG likely to support 'Fairness Doctrine': National Review (Michael G. Franc)
Press catches President Obama by surprise: TigerHawk
Obama spokesman's debut marked by discord: Washington Times

Post Bush: Israel Alone?: Green's Real World
Anderson Cooper slurring and stumbling: Copious Dissent
No change in government corruption: The Whig

Obama Begins Air-Raiding Villages, Killing Innocent Civilians: Gateway Pundit
Obama' cult of personality: Pajamas Media (Candace de Russy)
The audacity of dope: The Smoking Gun

Media fabricates more faux outrage at Limbaugh: Paul Ibrahim:

Have you heard the latest? Apparently Rush Limbaugh doesn't only hate the troops and Mexicans, but he also hates America.

Or at least, it's what the media is reporting.

Let's start with some background. About 4 months ago, Barack Obama launched campaign ads falsely alleging that Rush Limbaugh had spoken of Mexicans in a degrading manner. About 16 months ago, Limbaugh called out anti-war propagandists who invented stories about having served in Iraq, appropriately labeling them "phony soldiers." Top Democrats alleged that he called real troops "phony soldiers," faked extreme anger, and 41 senators signed a letter to the CEO of the company that airs Limbaugh's show, suggesting Limbaugh is "unpatriotic. Limbaugh ended up turning this mockery into $4.2 million dollars for the children of Marines and law enforcement personnel killed in the line of duty...

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