Sunday, January 25, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: "Most of the 'green' stuff is verging on a gigantic scam"

Debunking the Stimulus Myth: NewsBusters
Windfall: where's the Union outrage?: American Thinker (Doug Powers)
On the fifth day, his staff was served with subpoenas: Don Surber

John Conyers ready to torch First Amendment: Daled Amos
Kuwait purchases 5 million does of emergency anti-radiation drug: IBA
Vatican pillories Obama's "arrogance": Jammie Wearing Fool

Limbaugh responds to Obama: National Review
Dissent is suddenly unpatriotic: Don Surber
Tactics right out of Alinsky's Rules: Gateway Pundit

I am look for the job: IowaHawk
Franken request to dismiss Coleman suit: dee-nied: Minneapolis Star-Tribune
The New Anti-Semitism: Forbes

Clinton Foundation's secret donor: Washington Times
Economic good news: ACLU lays off lawyers: STACLU
Pro-Obama Youth Should Be Careful What They Wish For: Cato Institute (Michael Tanner)

Global warming: dead last as a concern in Pew Poll: Pew Research
Obama's civil rights agenda exposed: Ms. Underestimated
AP reporter sends love note to Obama: Ace o' Spades

New York Sheikh Khalid Yasin in speech in Holland: Wilders must be flogged: Atlas
Church vows to keep faith with its schools, despite Muslim majority: London Times
The 'charming' prince sends a brutal message to Obama: American Thinker (Ed Lasky)

One last chance to save mankind : New Scientist:

With his 90th birthday in July, a trip into space scheduled for later in the year and a new book out next month, 2009 promises to be an exciting time for James Lovelock. But the originator of the Gaia theory, which describes Earth as a self-regulating planet, has a stark view of the future of humanity. He tells Gaia Vince we have one last chance to save ourselves - and it has nothing to do with nuclear power...

[Q] Your work on atmospheric chlorofluorocarbons led eventually to a global CFC ban that saved us from ozone-layer depletion. Do we have time to do a similar thing with carbon emissions to save ourselves from climate change?

[A] Not a hope in hell. Most of the "green" stuff is verging on a gigantic scam. Carbon trading, with its huge government subsidies, is just what finance and industry wanted. It's not going to do a damn thing about climate change, but it'll make a lot of money for a lot of people and postpone the moment of reckoning. I am not against renewable energy, but to spoil all the decent countryside in the UK with wind farms is driving me mad. It's absolutely unnecessary, and it takes 2500 square kilometres to produce a gigawatt - that's an awful lot of countryside...

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