Friday, January 16, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: When newspapers are gone...

When newspapers are gone, what will you miss?: Seth Godin
UN Agency in Gaza hired Hamas members: Fox News
What is that small Israeli weapon the IDF is using?: Eye on the World

The Minnesota Recount Was Unconstitutional: WSJ
Evolution of Chicago Man: Quincy Pundit
Merrill pwns Bank of America: Reuters

Michael Moore lawsuit update": Michael Yon
The genetically coded ignorance of Bill Moyers: The Augean Stables
The Bill Moyers vs. David Duke Quiz: American Thinker (Edward Olshaker)

Bush destroyed a dictator. Clinton installed one.: WSJ
Three brilliant articles by three brilliant women: Vocal Minority
Separated at birth?: South Side of the 5

Defending Ann Coulter: Scoffery:

As with all of her books, Ann Coulter has irked the press. There seems to be no amount of logic and truth that will sway the media into taking an honest look at what Ann writes. Instead, we get sections of her books taken out of context and with the intent and meaning changed.

As she goes from program to program, it is now clear that none of the interviewers are actually reading her words, let alone listening to what she is saying. Take the single mother brouhaha that has now erupted. Ann is quite clear that she is not attacking single mothers, but instead informing the great uniformed that children raised by single mothers tend to cause a majority of crime and tend to live in poverty. She is blasting a culture that makes single motherhood look like a noble thing, instead of showing us the ramifications of these choices.

As with the “ladies” on the view, Coulter is never allowed to speak without being shouted down by the interviewers...

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