Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Logistics Management Magazine Goes Off on Obama

Is Logistics Management Magazine the finest conservative publication on the web? Probably not, but this column by business owner Michael Regan ("GM and The Continued Assault On Business and Commerce In This Country") is as fine and heartfelt a piece as you'll read all day.

...Recently I had an interesting conversation with a seasoned business executive about the risk assessment process that companies use to gauge the threats to their business. This individual shared that in a meeting with other business executives they concluded that the number one threat to their respective businesses was our government, or more specifically, the actions of our political leaders in Washington DC. As I have had to say in other Blog postings, this is not a Donkey/Elephant issue, it is, as the President of a multi-billion dollar company stated, a very real threat to our freedoms and way of living in the United States of America.

For those who believe this is a bit melodramatic, you should have been at a small luncheon I attended with one of our Congressional representatives. During the questions and comments portion of the event, the CEO of a very successful company stood up and shared some facts, thoughts and comments that left the group speechless. His main theme was that at this moment, he has no idea (and neither do our politicians) how much the Waxman Markey Cap and Trade legislation will cost this country, or his business. (In fact, Rep Waxman acknowledged recently that he hadn’t even read his own legislation.) He has no idea what his business will look like if the Employee Free Choice Act (or Card Check) legislation passes...

...What he does know is that if Cap and Trade and Card Check passes he will shut down his three plants in this country and move the manufacturing facilities elsewhere, and this country will lose a couple thousand jobs.

For those who believe that this is just one successful business person who can’t accept or deal with "hope and change," you need to pick up the clue phone and dial reality. There are lots of CEO’s and business owners who are thinking the same exact thoughts. They will not sit idly by as our politicians pass legislation that they believe will ruin their businesses. And when – not if - they move their manufacturing out of this country, we will literally be saying goodbye to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of good jobs.... As I write these words, no can tell us:

· What or how the health care legislation will impact our business. All we know is that the President wants it fixed this year. And, oh by the way, we’re likely to have our health care benefits taxed.

· What the Federal Tax picture will look like when the current rates expire in 2010. All we know is that it’s time for the rich (a.k.a. many of whom are small business owners)...

· How the repatriation of foreign earnings will affect where American companies choose to relocate their headquarters. Keep in mind, it’s pretty easy to move and there are lots of countries that would love to roll out the welcome mat for these companies.

The list of potential legislative actions that will have an adverse impact on business could go on and on...

It's quite startling -- and sad -- to find that Logistics Management magazine has a more honest opinion piece than 95% of newspapers will have all year. That said, we won't have to worry about 95% of newspapers by this time next year.

As the man says, read the whole thing.

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