Saturday, December 07, 2013

IT'S COME TO THIS: Obamacare the Game

While you and your family are waiting for to work, you might want to play Obamacare the Game. Or just buy it for some friends:

The object of the game is to be the last player standing. Players pretty much get taxed out of existence as the game goes on. (or they Visit the Hospital and go before the Death Panel). The game highlights actual taxes and penalties of Obamacare, and references actual sections of the law - along with funny exaggerated penalties. The joke is the Treasury always wins (and regardless of what political party you're affiliated with). Being taxed out of existence has never been so much fun!

Check it out at Obamacare the Game.


Mt Top Patriot said...

These are great pieces.
Fabulous richly deserved insults.
There is nothing like exposing these clowns running things as the farce and illegitimate lawless fools they truly are.

Keep em coming Doug!

Obamacare The Gme said...

Thanks for the blog Doug! My game is also made in the USA!
Jack LeFeber, game creator.

Anonymous said...

The more you play the Obamacare game, the more you lose.

BTW - there are no winners.

Anonymous said...

Wait till you folks see the type of health care that you will be receiving.

Remember? I am 30 years in a wheelchair, and I do Know which hospitals in my area are good in which field's, and CLAIM to be good in field's that they ARE NOT.

Are you ALL getting an idea of what's coming?????????????????????

More patients less doctors= Law's being changed RIGHT NOW on how we monitor bad doctors with the HELP of the Tort Lawyer's.

I also being a Care-Giver Noticed Nursing home care fee's being LOWERED. Thus! worse service "Patient's suffer even more".

Then when it comes to your information being safe-guarded??

They REALLY don't Have NEARLY ENOUGH!!!!!!!!! of the people who are QUALIFIED in this field. Plus the rules and regulation's of the people being hired IF ANY.

There is more :(


Anonymous said...

Oh!! Would have chosen G.E. or I.B.M for the web project.

They have the specialist's, and sub-specialist's for the web site's infrastructure. From bottom to top.