Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Ted Cruz: The only way to beat Trump is to unify and stand with me

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Ted Cruz: The only way to beat Trump is to unify and stand with me: Scoop
Donald Trump and libel litigation: Walter Olson
Hillary could lose to Trump in Democratic New York: Fredric U. Dicker

Release the Recording: Erick Erickson
Donald Trump called David Duke racist, bigot in 2000: FAM
Trump Disavows White Supremacist Duke on Today Show: Chris Cruz

Donald Trump Is The Next Barack Obama: Angelo Codevilla
The Cult of Anti-Racism: The Z Man
GOPe Fatwah Against Cruz Has Me Hoping For A Dewhurst On Tuesday: Smitty

Trump on the Mexico Wall: Everything is negotiable…well almost everything: Scoop
By Tomorrow, If Whoever's In Third Doesn’t Drop Out, Trump Wins: John Hawkins
Trump Surge? Nearly 20K MA Voters Quit Dem Party; 4K Switch to GOP: Tammy Bruce

Last Chance for America?: Thomas Sowell
Bernie Sanders Voted For Criminal-Justice Measures He’s Denouncing: Mitchell Blatt
Democratic Congresswoman: Clarence Thomas Is Not an African-American: David Rutz


The Great Corporate Earnings Fraud: Jim Quinn
Are you a one percenter?: Marketplace of Ideas
Obama’s Pro-Union Labor Board Trampled Union Members’ Rights: Bill McMorris

Scandal Central

State Dept. declares 261 new Clinton emails classified: Sarah Westwood
Special Counsel Says VA Sought to Attack, Discredit Whistleblowers: Alana Goodman
Brace yourself for the greatest prosecutorial discretion event in history: James Longstreet

Climate & Energy

Hiding the decline again?: SDA
Milton Friedman’s advice about climate models, & how to win the policy debate: Larry Kummer


Trump has 97% chance of beating Clinton?: FoxBiz
‘You lose, again’: Shannon Watts’ attempt to lecture NRA about #Oscars security backfires: Twitchy
Lib Actor Jude Law Visits Migrant Camp, Security Team Attacked… By Migrants: Shifra

Trump is Right, Experts Say It Would Be Very Stupid to Release His Taxes During an Audit: LawNewz
Donald Trump Is Paying Himself to Run for President: Olivia Nuzzi
A Challenge To Trump Supporters. I Dare You.: Chicks on the Right


Note to conspiracy theorists — the neo-conservatives aren’t Zionists: Spengler
Merkel's Humanitarian Folly: Stuart Schneiderman
Only 3 Christians Among 651 Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. Since Paris Attacks: CNS

Obama Setting Up Yet Another Fight With Israel: Daniel Greenfield
North Korea's Nuclear Missile Threat: Very Bad News: Peter Pry and Peter Huessy
US would need massive military bases in the Philippines to alter South China Sea equation: NextBigFuture

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How to Tell Someone’s Age When All You Know Is Her Name: 538
11 Incredible Pictures Reveal Hidden Underwater World: NatGeo
Amazon is going to start delivering fresh food to your door: Hugh Langley


The Talentless Frauds of Our Time Revealed: Kanye West vs Freddie Mercury - "Bohemian Rhapsody": AmDigest
Gun Restrictions Punish the Rational and Responsible for Acts of the Irrational and Irresponsible: Ari Armstrong
Secret Service agent scuffles with photographer at Donald Trump rally: Seema Mehta

Image: 11 Incredible Pictures Reveal Hidden Underwater World
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "If you revere the Constitution, you have but one choice in the GOP primary.

If you want to defeat Hillary Clinton and the metastasizing evil that is the modern Democrat Party, you have but one choice.

If you want to ensure we build an originalist Supreme Court steeped in American history, tradition and values, you have but once choice.

If you want someone who will occupy the Oval Office and keep his promises -- no matter how much the crony establishment squeals -- you have but one choice.

If you want to save this Republic for future generations, you have but one choice: Ted Cruz." --Me, just now

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Here is my-Diana West- unofficial transcript of Miller's relevant remarks:

... But I would note on immigration, if we're going to get into that with Ted Cruz, he voted for fast track powers for Obama. If you're concerned about the Constitution, if you're concerned about the arrival of foreign workers, the idea that you would enmesh the US permanently in a transnational union that hands over sovereign United States power to foreign countries, dictating labor-enviromental-regulation-trade-commercial-immigration policy, then clearly, immigration and the Constitution are not as important to you as you suggest.

The logic is clear if shocking. What "consistent orginalist" would ever even consider supporting such a Constitution-gutting move? Meanwhile, though, it fits a pattern (see, for example, "Cruz, Rubio, Paul: All Abandoned `Advise and Consent'" by Andrew Bostom).


That was a defining vote. To say that a candidate is good except for giving Obama fast track powers (obviously there's a lot more problem with Cruz's resume that that) but if you're argument is, well, I like Cruz except that he gave Obama unlimited fast track powers -- that's like saying, I bought a great new car. The engine will explode in 60 seconds after I turn it on; but other than that it's great.

That was a defining moment history in the history of the United States. ...