Thursday, December 01, 2011

Awesome News: Texas School District Now Recruiting Illegal Aliens

This is how a societal breakdown occurs:

The Temple Independent School District (TISD), near Fort Hood, recently sent home flyers with children. The flyers were promoting 'College Vocational Night for Hispanics' and even informed people not to allow concerns about 'Residency Issues' to deter them from coming. Basically, illegal aliens are being invited to the event. For good measure, each attendee will receive one food voucher per family per month.

Initially, your outrage might be directed at the school district (mine was) but remember, our Governor here in Texas (Rick Perry) signed legislation that made it perfectly legal for illegal aliens to attend Texas colleges at in-state tuition rates.

No other country on Earth encourages illegal immigration of this sort, with only a friendly wink from the same federal government that's supposed to be enforcing the law.

People are entering our sovereign land -- be they petty criminals, murderers, drug-runners, gang members, human smugglers, or those simply seeking an honest day's work -- without so much as a cursory review.

Where's the TSA when you need 'em?

This, my friends, is how you lose the civil society.

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Edu @ DollarMusings said...

I'd also like to point out some discrepancies between the English and Spanish versions.

1. The "Yes You Can" in English is actually the EXACT SAME slogan from the 2008 Obama campaign "Yes We Can"... and is even repeated twice, like a chant. (Literally, 'Yes it can [happen]')

2. The English "Don't let residency issues keep you from coming", in the Spanish version is a much more direct "Your legal residency is not a problem". Ugh.

3. Now I may be nitpicking... but the English says "Scholarships and financial aid applications will be available." The Spanish versions simply states "Scholarships and Financial Aid available" (no mention of applications)

FYI, and yes, now I KNOW I'm nitpicking... there are a number of grammatical issues with the Spanish version too.