Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And We Have a Winner: With Just Days Remaining, Whoopi Goldberg Wins 2011's Most-Doltish-Comment-on-"The View" Award

A normal person would have to drink a forty of stupid juice to match Joy Behar on even their worst day. But "normal" doesn't apply to Whoopi "Windy" Goldberg.

After mentioning the background of new leader Kim Jong Un and his education at a Swiss boarding school, Goldberg proclaimed, "...If you say that this is how our culture is and then you send your child to a Swiss boarding school. You know, this is what happens with communism. It's a great concept. On paper it makes perfect sense."

The comic added, "But once you put a human being in power, it shifts. We saw it in Russia, we've seen it all around the world."

After lauding the "great concept" of communism, Goldberg said of North Korea: "But, I keep my fingers crossed."

Co-host Joy Behar chimed in, "We wish them well in North Korea."

I wish both of them would express their good tidings to the new dictator in person.

Hat tip: TrendingRight.


Phil said...

I like VerumSerum's take:

"I gotta say, I think Whoopi is on to something here. Communism actually does have an appealing message “on paper.” Everyone has everything they need and everyone works to the best of their ability for the good of everyone else. The problem with this, as she sort of says, is that it’s not a system fit for actual human beings who tend to be selfish, venal and lazy among other things.

The beauty of our system of government is that it was designed by men who believed the greatest danger to man’s freedom was the power of other men. So they designed a government of enumerated powers whose structure was intended to make the accumulation of power by individuals and groups difficult and short lived. And they capped it off by adding a list of rights which were inviolable no matter who was in power.

Their insight into human nature helps explain why “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” can never succeed. It assumes people are able to be honest about their abilities and needs when in fact most people vastly overestimate both given half a chance.

Now I’d like to assume Whoopi had all that in mind only…”I keep my fingers crossed” sounds like the hope of the invincibly ignorant. This is why, no matter how many times communism flames out in a horror of mass murders people keep trying again. Well meaning folks like Whoopi keep imagining it’ll be different this time. No it won’t. It never will. Not until people are angels instead of human beings."

Anonymous said...

Socialism CAN work. The problem is just that it's never been quite done right. The conditions have never been quite right. All you need for socialism to work is: 1. Leaders who are completely free of corruption. The leaders must be selfless, only concerned about what is best for the nation and the people and never worry about their own political careers. 2. People who are willing to work with no thought of personal gain or reward. People must work just as hard for abstract goals like "the good of the community" as they would for themselves and their families. 3. Government officials who are experts in the fields they oversee even though they have never actually worked in those fields or studied them. For example, an official responsible for deciding how to produce energy must, all by himself, know more about energy production than all the people who actually work at producing energy every day know, all of them combined, despite the fact that he studied law in college and his only experience with energy is that he occassionally tells his driver to get more gas for the limo. 4. Laws of physics and chemistry that can be altered by legislation. For example, if the government declares that ethanol will be a cost-efficient energy source or that a cure for AIDS or cancer can be developed for $20, then laws of science must change to accomodate the laws of government. 5. Magic fairies would also help.

Anonymous said...

Picking Whoopi's worst comments is tough. However I vote for her take on Jerry Sandusky's bail. She said he should never be freed for what he did to young boys.

Someone should remind her that she defended Roman Polanski for doing as bad or worse to a 13-year-old-girl, saying "It wasn't rape rape."

Please Whoopi, explain the difference for us unsophisticated fly-over country people.