Thursday, December 29, 2011

Obama P.R. site Politico, which fixated endlessly on Sarah Palin's wardrobe, ignores FLOTUS' over-the-top clothing, jewelry and meals

The news equivalent of Media Matters, sometimes referred to as Politico, has a curious double-standard when it comes to public figures involved in politics. Jim Nolte explains:

Personally, I don’t care what Michelle Antoinette wears on her taxpayer-funded lavish Hawaiian vacations with her husband President FailureTeleprompterDuffer. Thanks to an autobiography that was probably ghost-written by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Obama’s a millionaire and more power to him. If the First Lady wants to lord over the peasantry her fashionable dresses and skirts and purses that cost enough to feed about 500 hungry families, that’s Our Champions Of The Poor’s business. The same is true with what the GOP chooses to spend their money on during a campaign. The attacks directed at Governor Sarah Palin over the clothes supplied to her during the 2008 election were silly, stupid intentional distractions ginned up by Obama’s MSM Palace Guards...

...What isn’t silly and stupid is that the left-wing, journOlist-infested institution known as Politico was obsessed with Palin’s wardrobe in ‘08 and one of the prime drivers of that narrative. Just for starters see here, here, here, and most especially here...

...And now for the news that will surprise no one. A good faith search has revealed that the left-wing, journOlist-infested institution known as Politico isn’t at all interested in Michelle Obama’s pricey wardrobe. Nothing here or here...

...In their defense, however, Politico has been awfully busy.  Why, there’s White House spin to spread, those hundreds of articles necessary to cover 15 year-old harassment claims against Herman Cain, strategic memos to craft in order to get Obama’s Occupy Wall Street allies back in the 2012 game, and the frantic journOlisiting necessary to protect Obama from critics of his excessive golfing...

C'mon, Jim - cut Michelle and the brown-nosers at Politiho a break. After all, doesn't flouting a $42,000 bracelet cheer the little people up?

Doesn't wearing a $2,000 sundress resonate with the unemployed?

And can't you give her some credit for the one-woman stimulus package that's keeping haute couture designers employed?

Yes, that's right, Jim.

Democrats stand for the little people.


Doom said...

Yeah? Well Palin looked rather good in her girl gear.

FLOTUS? She needs everything she can get. Albeit paper bags are cheaper and more effective. Actually, how about the complete outfit of typical traditional muslim women? Why, she could become the new fashionista of the liberal world, a trendsetter.

Mo said...

Ok, she can't help it, she's not a beauty...but it is beyond disgusting that she wears these often ugly and insanely overpriced "shmattes" (rags, in Yiddish, and exactly what my grandmother would have called them) and the jewelry etc. Yeah, the Left could care less. The idea of "fairness", that this horrible woman would have to dress down for the peasants is beyond them, but the rest should have their wealth "redistributed".

Well, I agree....sell the shmattes and the rest of it. Give it to the poor.

Great catch, Doug; it's not only the expense, but I had forgotten how they pilloried Palin about her clothes...which at least did go to making an attractive woman look more attractive (which of course, was one of Sarah's sins...not looking like a hag).