Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just in time for Christmas, President Obama gives the gift of unemployment to more than 100,000 Americans

He's the gift that keeps on taking!

In an environment where jobs are hard to find, the Obama administration has thrown more than 100,000 health insurance agents and brokers under the bus and given them the gift of an unemployment line just before the holidays. To make matters worse, a large number of insurance agents, known in the trade as producers, are self-employed and under the prevailing laws may have difficulty receiving unemployment insurance.

It all stems from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), known colloquially as Obamacare. PPACA dictates [price controls for insurers including commission payments]... Insurance agents were recently able to get backing from National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to exclude their commissions from [these price controls].

...Led by National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU), which claims to represent 100,000 health insurance agents, brokers, and related professionals, the Obama administration was lobbied hard to provide relief to insurance agents. The hope of the insurance agents had risen because of the recent backing by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

In a recent ruling, the Department of Health and Human Services dashed all hopes.

Merrrrrrrrrrryyyy Christmas!

Oh, and as an added bonus, the president's decision to delay the gigantic Keystone XL pipeline not only prevents the creation of 20,000 jobs in 2012, it is already costing jobs today.

"Layoffs and a brief company shutdown is what employees face at Welspun Tubular Company, which makes steel pipes for the oil industry."

Rest assured, citizen, that the the president will not rest until every American has a job. That is, while he enjoys his 37 Christmas trees in the White House, prior to leaving this weekend for a 17-day Hawaiian vacation.


Anonymous said...

Bastids. That explains why my premiums jumped 25%.

Robert said...

ain't 4 years of elected dictatorship fuuuunnnn????

scum better have a great final year on us, because it will end in 11 months.

carlito said...

Another one of your bullshit, imaginary, anti-Obama crapola stories.

How is it that Obama caused these people to be "unemployed"?

And are they really going to be unemployed?

You clowns are really desparate.

The_Bad said...

Gee whiz, I'm sure glad Carlito snapped me out of this haze. For a moment there, I was under the impression that economy sucked out loud and the employment situation was equally dismal.

Thank you, Carlito. I feel better now.

carlito said...

You are quite welcome.

But if your haze is starting to dissipate, then it's time to relight your bong and turn up the blacklight on your Ronald Reagan poster.

After a few minutes, you will slowly realize and gain the one and only Truth of All Things.

Look to your right and there will be Ann Coulter.

Look to your left and there will be Chelsea Clinton.

Your choice, dude.

directorblue said...

Say, Carlito, I've implemented this really cool new feature called "links".

Click on the source article, in this case from Forbes, to read the entire thing.

The PPACA spending caps (the loss ratios) are slashing producers' commissions by 50% or more. This has been all over the insurance media for months.

Now, stop being a drone and read some news, some history, some philosophy and some economics, so you can see how the progressive philosophy always ends up: in tyranny and misery.

carlito said...

So reducing your income by 50% makes 100,000 insurance agents "unemployed"?

Maybe you should go back to school, Blueboy, and take some more math.

Also, try sticking to facts and truth in your blog headlines. Any one of your readers with half a brain can see through your bullshit.

directorblue said...


Since that was Forbes' assessment and not mine, why don't you email them and complain.

Let me know how that works out for you, drone.

The_Bad said...

Wow - bong hits, black lights and Ann Coulter. That Carlito is one insightful fella. I sure am glad he turned my opinion around with his well-thought and fact-based arguments.

Anonymous said...

Insurance agents can continue to sell health insurance as well as many other products. The only agents that will be out of a job are the ones that can't compete due to their incompetence.