Friday, December 16, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Pity Poor Jon Corzine

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Pity Poor Jon Corzine: FSM
Nancy Pelosi: Down and Dirty: Malkin
Bachmann smashes Paul over suicidal foreign policy: Scoop

DOJ: Arizona Sheriff Arpaio violated federal law: Times
Obama NDAA Bill allows indefinite detention without trial: CBS
Gingrich, GOP Rivals Split On Foreign Policy: IBD

Ron Paul's Earmark Problem: Ace
Second Look, Santorum?: Riehl
Mayor Says Occupy Seattle Have Become Too Violent: VS


Q&A with Paul Ryan on his new Medicare reform plan: Peth
Obama’s economic historical ignorance: Q&O
Report: MF's Corzine Made Lots of Calls to the Fed: Ace

Pelosi: Extending Unemployment Creates ‘600,000 Jobs’: CNS
Michelle’s Solo Hawaii Trip Likely to Exceed $100,000: Dossier
Tell Roubini that the case for gold hasn't changed: Shedlock

Gunrunner & Energygate

Obama’s Watergate: Officials cover up culpability for gun smuggling and murder: Times
Jet-Fuel Gate: The next Solyndra takes wing.: Hayward
Perry on Fast & Furious: If I were president I’d have Holder resign immediately: Scoop

Climate & Energy

Obama's Justice Department joins Britain's 'Climategate' leaker manhunt: Exam
Climategate: Obama's boot boys strike back: Delingpole
Spending bill blocks light bulb standards: Politico


Townhall/Hot Air primary results: Gingrich 36.5, Romney 18.8, Paul 17.7, Bachmann 17.4: Hot Air
Media Matters sucks: JPA
Barbara Boxer, once again, demonstrates that she is an idiot, a shill, or both: Fox

In Memoriam: Christopher Hitchens, 1949–2011: Hot Air
OccuMom Tries To Stop Train With 4 Year Old Daughter: Spew
A Voter's Guide to Republicans: Whittle

About Those Self-Evident Truths: DLim
I think that you should watch this Rick Perry video: Lane
Giuliani Brings His Knife to Morning Shows to Carve Up Romney: ABC


Islamists Ready To Pounce As U.S. Lowers Flag In Iraq: IBD
Thoughts on the End of The Iraq War: AmSpec
Idiot Lib Rabbi: A Tim Tebow Win Will Cause Christians to Burn Mosques, Bash Gays: Publius

Chinese neighborhood tries to ban veils and Arab clothing: Blaze
China Skids Towards Hard Landing; Hot Money Outflows Increase; Risk of Devastating Trade Wars Increases: Mish
Inside Wukan: the Chinese village that fought back: Telegraph

The U.S. could be out $1 trillion if the euro zone collapses: Peth
Who’s REALLY Blowing Up Iran?: Ledeen
Come home, little drone: Iran bags a big one: GWP


U.S. Teens Triple Data Usage: TechCrunch
Congress Authorizes Pentagon to Wage Internet War: Wired
An iPhone Lover’s Take On The Galaxy Nexus: TechCrunch

Zeitgeist 2011: How the world searched: Google Blog
We're watching: malls track shopper's cell phone signals to gather marketing data: ArsTech
Hubble Captures Violent Birth Pangs of Enormous Star: Wired


Rider On the Storm: Ace
Britons 'drunk in three quarters of Facebook photos': Telegraph
Schools bans Christmas cookies, cakes, candy bars, and soda: CBS Boston

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QOTD: "To review: The UK police and the US DOJ, Criminal Division, are pursuing a leaker of public records subject to one or more FOIA, records that were unlawfully withheld under those laws, which leaks indicate apparent civil violations (tortious interference by seeking dismissal of certain “skeptics”), and raising reasonable questions of fraud against taxpayers.

And they are pursuing the leaker." --Christopher C. Horner

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