Saturday, December 17, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Inside Ron Paul's Racist Newsletters

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Inside Ron Paul's Racist Newsletters: Atlas
Wisconsin, the Slave State: Wizbang
World War II and the Genesis of ObamaCare: AT

Dems Cave on Keystone XL: Ace
Obama: Honor Returning Troops By Passing My Jobs Bill: RWN
The Gospel According To Wright: AmSpec

Crips infiltrate, threaten U.S. Army post: C&S
Let's Not Hang Ourselves Quite Yet: Ace
Ron Paul: Not Ready for Prime Time: SAB


Ryan’s Medicare reform: antidote to financial Armageddon: Peth
A Democrat Reaches Across the Aisle on Medicare: Barone
Keystone cops president: JOM

Obama’s Policies Are Gutting the Middle Class: Blumer
The Supply-Siders Are Right: McArdle
Fed Foreign Bank Lifelines May Hit $1T, Congress Told: BizWk

Gunrunner & Energygate

Happy Birthday Chevy Volt...: Tatler
Eric Holder's continued obfuscation on Fast and Furious: DMN
GOP candidates: Eric Holder must go: CBS

Climate & Energy

Chevy Volt Fleet Sales: More Evidence of GM Deception?: NLPC
33-Year Temp Update: Well Below Computer Predictions: Reason
Canada Withdraws From The Kyoto Convention: ZH


The Results Are In: The Best of the Worst Media Bias Quotes of 2011: NB
I Don’t Want to Hear Another Bleepin’ Word About ‘Reckless Policies of the Past’: BizzyBlog
AP Poll: Obamacare support hits record low of 29%: Exam

Conservative Bloggers - the Chopped Liver of the Right: Zilla
Media Matters: Desperate to Deflect From Charges of Antisemitism: Loesch
Shall We Ask Jennifer Rubin Who Won The Debate? Oh, Why Bother: Riehl

Regardless of what they told you in school, FDR sucked: NoisyRm
Dem congressman: We ‘didn’t know what the hell was going on’ when we passed Obama stimulus: DC
Double Standard: Patriot Allen West vs. Barack Milhaus Obama: Marooned


Russia’s North Korean slaves: Toldjah
Federal judge: Iran shares responsibility for 9/11 attacks: Timmerman
What's Up in China: Hint, It's Not War With the U.S.: Fallows

Another tack: The poison in the well: Honig
Pictures from the Arab Spring: Cairo is a war-zone again: Insider
Islamic scholar: "Saying Merry Christmas is worse then fornication or killing someone": JihadWatch

Eurozone: Failing Statists Prescribe…More Statism: PJM
European banks stuck with major losses not marked to market; expect conditions to worsen: Mish
French attack on British economy is 'unacceptable', says Nick Clegg: Telegraph


Chrome scores a victory in the browser wars: CNet
Microsoft Makes Keyboard for iPad: Wired
Is Working Good for Mom's Health?: WSJ


Is This Hell? No, It's Iowa: Iowahawk
Looking for a book, but can't find it?: LaughingCon
Ron Paul Presidential Limousine Proposals?: iOTW

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QOTD: "...millions of Europeans, particularly in the southern states, are being condemned to decades of high taxes and high unemployment, while having to work longer than they’d expected for reduced pensions and enduring swinging cuts to public services. But all the while the elites will keep pressing for ever-closer union — assuring their citizens that however bad things seem now, they’d be worse off outside the eurozone. British Foreign Secretary William Hague’s warning, made when he opposition leader back in 1998, that a European single currency area would become “a burning building with no exits,” has been thoroughly vindicated.

In the U.S., meanwhile, there’s growing concern both over the level of banks’ exposure to European debt, and the prospect of a default or another credit rating downgrade on the continent causing a new credit crunch and plunging the country back into recession. But whatever the immediate consequences, the crisis engulfing Europe might at least help to persuade Americans that they need to step back from the edge of the statist abyss to which President Obama has led them." --Mike McNally

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