Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The Justice Department Condones Perjury … Again

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The Justice Department Condones Perjury … Again: Foundry
So long, farewell, DLTDWYOTWO: Ben Nelson retires: Malkin
The Case for a Conservative: Lord

2012: a Year of Media Savagery: Bozell
Santorum Surge: Legacy Media Begins to See the Omens: RSM
Judge: For blacks, 'voting rights' means identifying Dems on ballots: DC


Is White House Politically Manipulating Poverty Data?: Blumer
Why do we need governors, legislators or voters?: ProWis
Gullible Americans: Williams

Is Romney stirring up a VAT of trouble on taxes?: Peth
US House of Representatives: Internet pirates: Boing Boing
House GOP: IRS must investigate AARP tax-exempt status: Blaze

Democrats Use Fiscal Crisis As Weapon To Bash GOP: IBD
There's One for You, 19 For Me: Driscoll
580 MS Employees Learn of Layoffs Via Govt. Site, Not H.R.: ZH

Gunrunner & Energygate

The Year in Obama Scandals — and Scandal Deniers: Malkin
Is it complete incompetence or outright lying?: Mtn Valley News
Holder’s OIG ’Gunwalker’ investigation passes historic milestone today: Codrea

Climate & Energy

'Worst Piece' of NYT Climate Reporting Ever? Justin Gillis's Christmas Day Snow Job: MRC
NRDC’s ridiculous weather IS climate “sound the general alarm” map: Watts
Sen. Boxer defends embattled EPA: Californian


ABC's Misleading Headline: "Gingrich ’06 Memo: 'Agree Entirely With Gov. Romney' on Health Care": NB
The NYT's Bad Gun Statistics: NRO
How Did We Get Here? Or, Why Do 20 Year Old Newsletters Matter So Damn Much?: BHL

Boston Globe Calls for Ban on Congressional Insider Trading: BigGovt
Jen Rubin: It Will Soon Be Time for Anti-Romney Forces To Get In Line: Ace
Paterno Put Money Above Child Abuse Disclosure: Bloomberg

Breaking news on Newt and Romneycare is not breaking and not news: LI
Horrifying New Reality Show: “The Real Congresswomen of D.C.”: JWF
SOPA is the end of us, say bloggers: Politico


Iraq in Political Crisis Following U.S. Withdrawal: PJM
Infographic: Our Military’s Dangerous Course: Foundry
Hamas top dog Haniyeh: Goal is destruction of Israel in stages: JihadWatch

Obama’s Surrender: FBI removes Mullah Omar’s name from list of most wanted terrorists: Bruce
The World's Worst Human Rights Observer: ForPol
Is Army Islamizing The Military By Allowing Hijab?: IBD

Beijing’s ‘New Frontier’ is ground zero for the organ harvesting of political prisoners: WklyStd
Europe Is Still Hip Deep In The Bad Stuff: Mead
Banks Bunker Hundreds of Billions in Deposits at ECB: Spiegel

Secrets of ‘Kim Jong-Il’: Everything About Him, Including His Name, Was a Lie :BigPeace
MSNBC: Kim Jong Un is So Totally Cool and Dreamy!: Driscoll
Kim Jong-Il's Floozies: LAT


Ex-Employee Sued $340,000 Over Twitter Account And What It Means To You: Chris Voss Show
Enigmatic fossils are neither animals nor bacteria: Nature
Google under fire for travel search placement: CNet


Time Off Around the World: Ace
Shot three times in robbery, Marine plugs bullet holes with his fingers: DC
Rapper Heavy D died of blood clot in lung after long flight: LAT

Image: "Saudi textbooks instruct children in how to carry out amputations for Sharia punishments"
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QOTD: "Herein lies a fundamental contradiction in our present system: The desire for constant inflation and constant credit expansion requires that the banks be shielded from the effects of their own business errors. Allowing capitalism’s most efficient regulators, profit and loss, to do the regulating, would mean that banks could face the risk of bankruptcy – this is, of course, the ultimate disciplinary force in capitalism. This could then lead to balance sheet correction and thus periods of deflation. Ergo, banks cannot be capitalist enterprises at full risk of bankruptcy as long as constant credit growth and inflation are the overriding policy goals. The constant growth of the banking sector must be guaranteed by the state through the unlimited provision of bank reserves from a lender-of-last resort central bank.

That banks get ever bigger, that they routinely hand out multi-million dollar bonuses, and that they frequently get bailed out, is not a result of the greed of the bankers – a stupid explanation anyway, only satisfactory to the intellectually challenged and perennially envious – but is integral to the fiat money system.

Banking under state protection ultimately means banking under state control. In the end it means state banking. And this is where we are going." --Detlev Schlichter

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