Saturday, December 17, 2011

Good News: Unions Days Away From Getting Ambush Elections Thanks to Radical Obama Labor Board

Business Management Daily reports:

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) recently moved one step closer to changes that would give employers much less time to react to union organizing efforts... and make it easier for organizers to gain a toehold in your workplace.

The NLRB is racing to finalize those new election rules—which opponents call “quickie” or “ambush” elections—before an end-of-December deadline. Why the rush? The currently three-member NLRB will likely lose its quorum status with the Jan. 1 term expiration of Craig Becker, a pro-union member of the board.

...the board [forward with its man revision to] shorten the time from the filing of the election petition until the actual election is held.

It’s estimated that the time between an organizing petition and a full union election—currently averaging about 38 days—could be cut in half if this NLRB proposal is finalized.

Advice: If these NLRB rules become final this month, unions will feel emboldened to start organizing drives in previously union-free workplaces

Should this rule go through, the effects on businesses will be -- mark my words -- catastrophic.

These Democrat hacks need to be flushed from office in 2012, at every level of government, if we are to save this country.

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